So you thought the capital of Iceland was the shit

From old to new. Closest is part of downtown Reykjavik while further out you see parts of the suburbs stretching for miles. PIC axshuzaifa

Relax. It is common enough to think Iceland´s capital Reykjavik is the hottest thing to hit the planet since the term Hot was coined.


The easy girls of Iceland

The myth about easy Icelandic girls is just that; a myth. Don´t believe the hype

For some reason, probably very effective PR stuff, many foreign men tend to think Icelandic girls are both stunningly beautiful and stunningly easy. And for some reason Icelandic men say the same thing about the British and American girls.


The truth about the Northern Lights in Iceland

Skies alive over the northern town of Akureyri. The further north you go the better the chances of catching a glimpse of this stunning show. Pic -RobW-

Ever since the first person discovered the immense attraction of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, there have been persons willing to use that knowledge for their own benefit.