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Three very remarkable buildings in Reykjavik Iceland

The major symbol of Reykjavik city is the Hallgrimskirkja church. PIC Rog01 In spite of what many visitors believe the city of Reykjavik is a very young city in all respects. Those “old” buildings you see crammed between modern high rises in the center of the city are very seldom ... Read More

Few interesting facts about Iceland part deux

It´s always good sport to poke fun at other nations for their weird beliefs or customs. At least it has been towards Iceland and Icelanders throughout and for good reasons too. Yup, we´re pretty weird over here all things considered. Weird customs abound (rotten shark), weird people everywhere ( Björk), weird laws (it was perfectly ... Read More

So what is the camping season in Iceland?

Contrary to what tourism officials and tour operators want there are quite a lot of folks out there interested in visiting Iceland that do not have bank vaults full of cash lying around. With hotel prices going through the roof many of those pack a tent and travel cheap. But how good an idea is ... Read More

In Iceland, possibly the most memorable round of golf ever

We know! Iceland is not the first country to come to mind when thinking of golfing in some exotic locale. Hell, it´s probably near the bottom of the list alongside North Korea. Do they even have golf courses over there??? But lo and behold, we do. Actually you´ll find amazing variety of golf courses in ... Read More

Three fab restaurants in Akureyri Iceland

For a town its size it´s quite amazing the varied things one can do in Akureyri. PIC Tom Olliver At the beginning of the century any connoisseur traveling around Iceland would have cut the trip short halfway and hurried home with horrible stomach aches. Outside of Reykjavik city and Akureyri ... Read More

In Iceland, overload of Santas could leave you wanting

Twenty years ago the thirteen different Santa´s of Iceland only got mentioned in hushed tones as if a secret. After all, why should smelly, dirty, ugly and slightly criminal fellows from the mountains have any chance against the generous, fat and shiny Coca Cola Santa Claus now celebrated worldwide as the one and only? But as ... Read More

In Iceland, the rather amazing story of a beautiful cave

It is no wonder that travelers driving by the rock cliff called Cave of Rutur in the South of Iceland are taken aback for a second. For if there was ever a “postercave” for what one can imagine to really be the home of the Hidden Peoples, this is it. What makes all the difference ... Read More

In other news from Iceland: how about them necropants

It sounds somewhat like a news story from Germany: “Helmut Göhrenringer was today found guilty of dining the upper part of his good friend Wilhelm Fröblestatter and using the lower part to make himself some trousers for the cold winter. Helmut was sentenced to 50 years in a vegetarian security prison. “ OK, the Germans may own ... Read More

Here´s one ferry company to avoid in Iceland

You know how simple folks get blinded by greenbacks in five minutes flat and afterwards care not one iota about anything else? Enron anyone? That´s what happened to the owners of the one ferry service in Iceland. The company is Sæferðir, or Saeferdir, if we skip on the Icelandic letters. They run a ferry service ... Read More

Whopping barhopping walkabout in Reykjavik Iceland

From time immemorial, or at least for the last couple of years, team Total Iceland has never charged a dime if some of our foreign friends and customers asked us to guide them through the nightlife labyrinth in Reykjavik city. In fact, we have made fun of nightlife tours since this is a tiny place ... Read More

Why this little known fjord in Iceland should be on your bucket list

Seeing as approximately 95 percent of visitors to Iceland only stick to the true and tried popular spots in the country it goes without saying those tourists miss out a lot. Even if places like Jökulsárlon glacial lagoon, Gullfoss waterfall and the Blue lagoon certainly rank highly on every bucket list, there are lots more ... Read More

A Northern Lights night to remember in Iceland

Contrary to belief the Northern Lights are not always green and not always flickering horizontally. They come in some amazingly different forms. PIC greenzowie Unless non-stop chilliness and cold and almost non-stop darkness 24/7 is your idea of a great day there is not too much to recommend the Icelandic ... Read More

Quite possibly the most beautiful place in beautiful Iceland

Any travel guide praising one place in Iceland above another is really going out on a limb. This is a place that is so chock-full of intensely beautiful spots there better be some seriously great arguments to support the statement. Be that as it may. Team Total Iceland is in total agreement. The place is ... Read More

For a safe journey in Iceland stop here and make a cairn

You know how after you have been driving in similar and unchanging landscape for a good while you tend to lose focus? That is the reason many visitors drive right by a small but very unusual spot called Laufskalavarda in the South of Iceland. Which is not just a shame for the sight itself but ... Read More

The tiny piece of Reykjavik Iceland called Rock Village

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland is but a crying baby in terms of its age compared to all other cities in Europe. But that does not mean it has no old lovely quarter. Quarter might actually be a stretch. The area in question is more like a couple of tiny and eerily silent streets. ... Read More

Turning a volcanic crater into majestic cliffs in Iceland

You gotta love nature. Give it time enough and things never stay the same for too long. Perhaps something a few of us humans should take to heart. You probably know about all the volcanic activity on this island of ours. This land is alive in every sense of the word. Fires are burning underneath ... Read More

Around Iceland without missing a beat (or a sight)

“Driving in Iceland takes years longer than anticipated and mostly because you are stopping every five minutes stunned by some sight or another. We still missed out on a lot” This quote from María from Spain who along with three other friends drove around Iceland recently in eight days instead of the five days the ... Read More

What you need to know about the two-faced Dettifoss in Iceland

One of the natural marvels of Iceland and a must see for everyone is the mighty waterfall Dettifoss in the North of the country. This is the kind of experience that pretty much leave you speechless. But folks visiting the area on their own should know the powerful waterfall is two-faced so to speak. Not ... Read More

Cutting it short in Iceland

The number of tourists making the effort of driving all around the country of Iceland is not particularly high. The infamous Ring Road or highway number one, as it is also known, entices mostly only hardcore Iceland lovers. We highly recommend the trip should you have good time and little money to spend. Reasons are ... Read More

Mounting Grey Pants recommended in Iceland

According to local tourism brochures the Grábrók hill or Grábrók mound in Iceland, depending on your height, is „the dream of every hiker.“ Except its not. Lots of hikers and trekkers the world over are fascinated by Iceland and many put the country on or near the top of their bucket list of things to ... Read More

A touch of peace and quiet in downtown Reykjavik Iceland

The central downtown area of the capital of Iceland has changed quite dramatically in the last few years with the sudden burst of tourism. Before it was not too hard to find relative peace and quiet in spite of everything here but that´s getting very much harder. But there is one exception. A few steps ... Read More

A wicked place in a friendly village in Iceland

The small village of Stokkseyri in the Southwest of Iceland is not much on the must-see agendas in the country. While not without its charms the landscape here is rugged and flat and winds from the sea howling more often than not. But this place has one thing no other village or town offers: The ... Read More

In Iceland, a real blast from the past

A beginner in the Icelandic language might have a hearty laugh when coming upon a place marked Grenjastadur or Grenjastaður in the North of Iceland. The name could well be translated as the Crying Place. A visit might actually give that name some meaning as this is one of the oldest turfed homestead in the ... Read More