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Fruits of the earth – Iceland version

Bilberries in early August in Iceland. Those can be found pretty much anywhere on the island. PIC *Maya*

Although many foreigners, and even some locals, still believe Iceland is as pure and unpolluted as Snow White on her wedding day that is simply not the case. Iceland is amazingly polluted for an island in the middle of nowhere as evidenced by measurements.

However, should you venture out in the wild late in the month of August almost anywhere in the country you will sooner or later come across vast shrub fields filled with the most delicious berries your tongue will taste.

Fresh taste cannot be described. It has to be tasted and should you have time aside from tours and whale watching and such you will be well rewarded by spending that time picking berries.

Admittedly there are only five varietes of wild berries on the whole island. Bilberries, Blueberries, Crow berries, Stone raspberries and in a few secluded places wild strawberries.

The first three varieties you can find almost anywhere in the country where there is sign of shrubs. Lush secluded valleys are always a good bet but if in doubt ask any local over the age of 40. They will gladly give you detailed information about best places for berrypicking.

The berries can be found already in late July and early August everywhere. But for the really big and juicy type wait until the middle of August. Two handfuls of the right size berries will quench your appetite in a jiffy. Just don´t overdose unless you want to spend a few hours afterwards on the toilet.

Should you need place-specific details of good areas for picking contact Total Iceland. We´ll be happy to help you.

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