Horsing around in Iceland

One of the absolutely best way to see Iceland close-up is on an Icelandic horse. Many places offer you this chance. PIC Wild Vanilla

Apart from the puffin bird, which somehow has become symbolic for Iceland in spite of being relatively hard to see, the number one animal attraction here is the unique Icelandic horse. If you are used to riding there is absolutely no better way to see the beauty of Iceland than on horseback wherever you are in the country. If you are not then you should let half an hour to hour suffice.

The Icelandic horse is big business in Iceland. They are unique species, smaller than horses elsewhere apart from ponies and lovely animals to be around. Indeed, there is no shortage of shorter or longer tours available everywhere in the country and prices are competitive.

As you will find if you are not used to riding animals your behind will start to ache after 20 or 30 minutes and for many one hour on horseback means sleeping on your stomach for the next few days. It is easy to arrange such trips anywhere, although the biggest companies, Eldhestar and Íshestar close to the capital Reykjavik offer only half a day trips and longer on their webpages. Just ask for shorter tours if you have never ridden before or better yet sign up for a riding class. For most other horse rentals around the country you pretty much get what you ask for and pay accordingly.

However, if your bum has seen the back of a horse before you should sign up for longer tours. Not only is it the best way to experience the stunning natural beauty of the country but it is also an adventure where you are sure to make new friends overnight. What more pleasure can one ask for?

Below is a list of the many horse rentals in the country. It can be better to book in advance but fear not if you forget. In most of these places you are welcome anytime.

Prices differ a lot but on average one hour is anywhere from 3.000 to 8.000 kronas (25 €/35 $ average). Good savings can be made by price comparisons.

Be aware not every horse rental is open all year round

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