In Iceland, no place for pussies

Penis envy is sure to erupt for some in the unique Phallological museum in Iceland.

Schlong, wiener, dick, penisaurus Rex, smooth pickle, tallywacker, thurston howell III. There is no shortage of fine, and not so fine, words for the private part of the male species.

This part is generally not a hot discussion topic between peoples, steamy girly parties notwithstanding, but listening to people after they visited the Icelandic Phallological Museum the taboo about speaking about such private things seems to be broken.

This unique museum is without doubt the most well known Icelandic museum and rightly so. On display are the genital organs of various species including of the human male. Whilst you may not want to have dinner for a few minutes after visiting it is highly recommended as one of few museums you can, and will, tell your friends about when you get home.

However, this is not to say that the museum itself is fabulous in any way. On the contrary it is rather small and for some the decor is downright depressing.

The collection contains over two hundred penises and penile parts of most of land and sea animals found in and around Iceland. Including over 50 whale penises which are all sure to raise doubts amongst even the best hung gentlemen. The piéce de résistance is the male organ of a human with more samples on the way.

The museum is situated on Laugavegur 116 just steps from the Hlemmur bus stop. Most Reykjavik buses make a stop there. It is open daily all year from 11 to 18.

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