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In Iceland, the fear of a bad summer

Iceland is not always winter wonderland as the tour agencies want you to believe.

We just had this and now professionals are predicting a wet and windy summer as well.

It is a common belief by most locals in Iceland this past winter has been one of the worst ever. Which is mostly nonsense as past median weather data clearly shows. But in those cases folks have the summer to look forward to. Except a new forecast by a European Weather Centre has fueled much fear lately. The fear of a bad summer.

Let us clarify. A bad summer in Iceland is never really bad. Most summers are very pleasant even if the temperature does not rise too much and the sun mostly hides behind clouds. But having been snowed in and battered by storms for months on end folks are understandably tired and want better. But that scenario seems unlikely according to the longtime forecast. Rain upon rain along with the winds that are constant on this island.

Weather forecasting is not exact science

Now, bear in mind longtime forecasts are really no better than predicting the outcome of a poker game in a Vegas casino. Weather forecasting is not exact science be a long shot. Local weathermen even get forecasts 24 hours ahead dreadfully wrong on occasion. Thus, the fear is unsubstantiated.

However, if spring and summer will keep us waiting this will have quite the impact of tourism. One of the most impressive areas of the country is the highland and in a good year roads around that place do not open until June. In a bad year that could be a month later. Which closes off jewels like Landmannalaugar, Kerlingarfjoll, Hrafntinnusker, Dyngjujokull and so on and so on.

But do not worry. This place still has wondrous places galore for you to explore in the unlikely even this happens.

One thought on “In Iceland, the fear of a bad summer

  1. Having just returned from Iceland, I simply don’t know how you guys endure it!

    We had a fantastic week last week, visiting many sights in South Iceland, including staying in a highland hotel where we couldn’t see out of the windows because of the snow banks and doing a superjeep ride to Landmannalaugar. But for us Brits, the weather was pretty bad with snow and sub-zero temperatures every day.

    Our family are hikers and mountaineers so we had the correct clothes (our guide said “In Iceland, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”!!) and so it wasn’t too much of a problem – for a week.

    But to endure constant snow and wind for 5 months isn’t something I would want to do so, Iceland is a truly magical place but this Brit isn’t intending to emigrate!

    However, we will be back next year (in the summer) to see the flowers and traverse the Highlands in a self-drive 🙂 🙂

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