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Natural yoga at the Green Gym in Iceland

Iceland has vast spaces where you can feel all alone in the world. That is a good feeling you won´t find just anywhere. PIC unso

After years of interaction with tourists from all over the world there is, on average, one thing that stands out for the majority of visitors about Iceland. The answer might surprise you: the silence.

After seeing all the beautiful spots, danced away in the cool capital, witnessed the tug-of-war between the American and European tectonic plates, fished in a slow moving river under the Midnight sun, ridden a horse through lava fields and bathed in the Blue Lagoon, the main impression Iceland made on many a tourist is the golden silence. It truly is golden isn´t it.

bring you more landscape, more quiet and more peace in your heart

Indeed, on a large island with a small population you are bound to find this elusive feeling pretty quickly since most of you come from cities of the world filled with sounds, hustle and bustle and hardly a moment without sound. You may think you remember it or know it but do you actually?

What we call the Green Gym is a spot where you will most certainly experience silence coupled with the occasional soothing sounds of flowing water and jittery birds.Where life, if only for a fleeting moment, is about exercising your inner self first and your muscles and body will naturally follow. Your instructor is highly qualified.

In essence the Green Gym is a remote and rustic place where artificial sounds and engine noises are as good as nonexistent. Rabbits and reindeer roam the property and close by are few mountain lakes where fishing is allowed and swimming encouraged. Where walking for miles in any direction will only bring you more landscape, more quiet and more peace in your heart.

The setting is picturesque and add to this basic Icelandic country hospitality. Not more, no less. Here, you will enjoy ordinary local meals with others and sleep in separate but close quarters to other strangers. We think this is yoga as it should be.

Only available in summertime, places are limited and minimum number of participants needed. Special Midnight sun yoga also available at specific times. Get in touch for further details.

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