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Possibly the very best hiking area in Iceland

One of many awesome bays of eastern Iceland. PIC she_who_must

One of many awesome bays of eastern Iceland. PIC she_who_must

A major problem of writing any serious guide to Iceland is the fact that as soon as one wants to specifically recommend one place for your enjoyment the writer gets into trouble. Reason being this whole country has such glorious variety of  stunning places that recommending one place over another is tantamount to saying one gold bullion is better than the next. Which, of course, makes little sense.

It is in this context we highly recommend visiting the hamlet of Bakkagerdi in Borgarfjordur in the East of Iceland should you get the chance. Especially should you love hiking or trekking, untouched places or just being one with nature. All easily available around these parts.

In that regard, you should also know you are never really „alone“ here though

You can read all about the hamlet itself here. Very, very tiny but quite famous locally for being situated near the Kingdom of the Elves and more recently for its outdoor summer music festival. Towering over the village is the exquisite Dyrfjoll mountain range where trekking will also fill your heart with love for life and Mother Nature.

But Dyrfjoll area is far from being the only place worth trekking around here. One rather popular route locally is the trek all the way from Bakkagerdi hamlet to Seydisfjordur town and follow the jagged coast along the way. That trek in particular can be a little bit grueling if taken in haste but that way folks will lose out. Much nicer to take two days for the trip and pitch a tent somewhere along the way. The route offers not just peace and quiet and stunning scenery but also magnificent views to open sea. You´ll enter fjords like the eerie Lodmundarfjordur and small coves like Brunavik, pictured above, that entice even the most hardened souls with its tranquility. And you´ll do it all by yourself or with a group if that is more to your liking.

In that regard, you should also know you are never really „alone“ here though. Old stories about ghosts, trolls and good and evil spirits in these parts are a dime a dozen. Which makes the hike all the more fascinating in our view.

Guided treks

Team Total Iceland does offer tailor made treks around here for smaller groups if requested. Get in touch and we´ll come up with some interesting tours.

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