Salmon fishing in Reykjavik Iceland

Amazingly a clear and lovely river literally flows through the capital of Iceland. Salmon fishing there is possible and swimming not out of the question either.

There is little need to visit Yemen for some quality salmon fishing. Reykjavik Iceland is much closer and cheaper.

Only a handful of cities in this world can honestly boast of having a real authentic salmon river within its borders. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is one of those. You could be throwing a line into the water within ten minutes of leaving your downtown hotel.

The river in question is a natural marvel

The river in question, Ellidaá or River of Ellidi, is a natural marvel and good for many things other than fishing. Swimming here in the hottest months is absolutely fantastic and the forested area surrounding parts of the river is pretty unique in otherwise forest-less Iceland. The only serious drawback to this being an outdoor area par excellence is the constant noise from nearby traffic.

The river flows from Ellida lake on the border of Reykjavik and the neighboring town of Kopavogur. Also there it is possible to fish and again the area is quite nice although construction bonanza in Kopavogur town has diminished its beauty. It is almost possible for the residents there to cast a line from their balconies. Which is nice for them but horrible for others.

Fishing permits in the lake and the river can be bought from The Angling Club of Reykjavik. More info here.

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  1. Hello
    We, the Japanese, are schaduling one-day fishing trip in Reykjavik on 11th or 12th, June. The fish we,d like to catch is only salmo salar. We are not interested in other salmon, trout, and char. We,re 60 years-old man and57 years-old woman. Please get in touch with me.
    Yours truly
    Satoru Sakai

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