Saving a few bucks in Iceland

More money in the pocket is always a positive thing. PIC usfwsmtnprairie

More money in the pocket is always a positive thing. PIC usfwsmtnprairie

One smart move you can make when visiting Iceland is to bring with you a small bundle of dollars or euros. Using those can save you a few bucks in an expensive country.

What we mean by this is that a number of tour operators, museums and sights in the country accept foreign money as well as cards. The cards surely the easiest way and most convenient but with those you will be charged in local Krona which will later be converted to your local currency in your country with commission.

By using dollars or euros you can sometimes save a few bucks in Iceland

Only by paying with cash can you sometimes take advantage of the heavily fluctuating krona currency if you keep yourself up to date on that by an app in your smartphone or online. This only works when price is fixed and advertised.

A recent example is a small museum charging 1.000 Krona admission but also advertising its price at 6 Euros. At the time six euros at market rate was only 928 krona. By paying cash you only pay 928 Krona and not a penny more. You may think paying by credit card comes out the same way but not necessarily. Credit card companies add commissions and calculate currency by their own standards and not the official rate.

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