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Radioactive pollution found in Reykjanes Geopark in Iceland

If ever the large claims of politicians and corporate titans about the pureness and cleanliness of Iceland were correct, it is now time to bury those claims once and for all. It turns out, clean Iceland is leaking radioactive material.. The local radiation safety board has issued a statement saying radioactive material is collecting in ... Read More

Why all the hush hush about the Blue lagoon in Iceland?

Ask any staff at the Blue lagoon about the Blue lagoon and you´ll get a speech about the absolutely the most wonderfully wonderful bathwater in the whole wide world. Mars included. But it does seem a bit odd that health authorities in Iceland refuse to publish their findings on the purity of the water in ... Read More

A couple of practical things while in Iceland

We wouldn´t be much of a travel guide if we didn´t include some practical stuff once in awhile. Here are a couple of those which will definitely make your trip to this place a weeny bit easier. The first has to do with the popular Blue Lagoon. We wrote about it before and so did ... Read More

A unique row of fantastic craters under the hammer in Iceland

Here´s something the “official” tourist sites won´t tell you. One amazing and unique volcanic crater area on Reykjanes peninsula, not far from Keflavik international airport, is being run over. Literally. The place is called Eldvörp which could be roughly translated as Fiery Fields. It is a rather splendid row of neat-looking craters made from a ... Read More

Next few years won´t be too relaxing at the Blue lagoon in Iceland

All you folks out there planning your Iceland trip in 2015 blissfully unaware that the famous Blue lagoon will not be a particularly relaxing place in 2015. Nor in 2016. Not to mention 2017. This “Wonder of the World” as some all-expenses-paid-and-then-some-freebies-to-boot journalist from Nat Geo decided to call the Blue lagoon in Iceland a ... Read More

Fifteen great places in Iceland in just one day

We know many of you visiting Iceland only give yourself a few days here at best and then a number of you do not venture very far from Reykjavik city. Problem is, this place is chock-full of amazing spots and anyone just spending a long weekend or even a week will leave wanting for more. ... Read More

Is the Blue lagoon totally safe?

It horrifies some people to know that the water in the famous Blue lagoon in Iceland is actually waste water from a nearby power plant. Does that mean there is any danger diving in? That´s not something you´ll read about on the lagoon´s website where just the good sales-friendly stuff is explained. But it does give ... Read More

So why is the Blue lagoon blue?

A key part of the attractiveness of the Blue lagoon and Myvatn Nature Baths in Iceland is the tremendously attractive but rather unnatural blue color of the water in both lagoons. But why is it blue and not gray, silver or red for that matter? The reason is pretty simple. The water in both lagoons ... Read More

In Iceland, a doctor making a killing

If you are a decent human being here is one reason to avoid the famous Blue lagoon. Its director, makes 27 times what his lowest paid workers get in one month.  Which is pretty much the difference between Ken Lay´s wage while in charge of Enron and his lowest paid workers and Grimur Saemundsen the CEO ... Read More

Much cheaper way to soak in the Blue lagoon in Iceland

Apart from Iceland being fabulously beautiful chances are you have little knowledge of specific places in the country before visiting. Except the Blue lagoon. A major wonder of the world according to some lunatic at Nat Geo, the place is well known far outside the country. But did you know how to get cheap access? Of ... Read More

Blue lagoon in Iceland with a bang

Amazing stuff. Today two earthquakes, one almost 4 on the Richter-scale of quakes happened just steps from the famous Blue lagoon in Iceland. Yet, not one local media seems to think this of any interest at all. But yes, ladies and gentlemen. Even the Blue lagoon can be dangerous at times. A neat reminder that the lagoon ... Read More

Two very different accounts of the Blue lagoon in Iceland

Our readers know well by now our distaste for journalism in a sheep´s clothing as seems to be the norm nowadays. It is bad for journalism as a profession but most importantly it is just bad for the readers. What we mean is the fact that majority of so-called travel articles in the media is ... Read More

Close to the Blue lagoon in Iceland, two beckoning mountains

Marketers the world over like things to be sexy. If not sexy in themselves then at least in name. Which is why the area known for centuries simply as Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland will very likely come to be known as Reykjanes Geopark in the future. If you know geology this particular peninsula is totally ... Read More

In Iceland, a blue lagoon that´s better than the Blue lagoon

We used to love visiting what has become known worldwide as the Blue lagoon of Iceland. The very same lagoon the journalists at National Geographic deemed to be worthy as a world wonder. Which led us to wonder if those same journalists had not traveled the world much. You see, describing a pool of waste-water from ... Read More

Raising Cain and Blue lagoon prices

Fifteen years ago anyone who cared could strip and dive into the heavenly-blue pool forming among the lava rocks from the industrial waste-water of a geothermal pool in Svartsengi in Iceland. Absolutely free. Then some enterprising individual came up with the idea of closing this space off and selling access. Today, even the respected National ... Read More

How to save a bundle on Blue lagoon products in Iceland

If you do not want to throw your hard-earned money away like a drunk Saudi prince you would do well to stay clear of the shop in the famous Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland. Inside this tourist mecca you will find a specialty Blue lagoon store selling all kinds of everything from the labs of ... Read More

Why the Blue Lagoon is not really so hot

Ever wanted to visit Iceland? Then without doubt you´ve come across fancy ads and fancier articles about the luxurious Blue Lagoon which the National Geographic magazine blatantly calls one of the wonders of the world. That is quite remarkable considering the Blue Lagoon is basically industrial wastewater in fancy packaging. But it has undoubtedly something ... Read More

The end of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

It is by far the most popular tourist destination in Iceland. Close to both the Reykjavik capital and the Keflavik International Airport, the world famous Blue Lagoon is a must-try for everyone. But the stunning lagoon may not last very long. You may or may not know that the weirdly blue colored water and warmth ... Read More

Sex in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, arguably Iceland´s most popular tourist site, has come a long way in only 20 years. The same place now demanding luxury prices for a dip into the deep blue geothermal water started originally as a hangout for half drunk sex obsessed teenagers. You see, the Blue Lagoon today is basically just fancy ... Read More