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So what is the camping season in Iceland?

Contrary to what tourism officials and tour operators want there are quite a lot of folks out there interested in visiting Iceland that do not have bank vaults full of cash lying around. With hotel prices going through the roof many of those pack a tent and travel cheap. But how good an idea is ... Read More

For emergencies in Iceland you fork out time and money

Taking care is easier said than done. Especially when doing all those unique Iceland activities like climbing a glacier, hiking the highland or shopping in Reykjavik. Should you at any point need to visit the emergency room at the nearest hospital you better have some serious loose change in your pocket. According to recently released ... Read More

Johan is pissed and regretting visiting Iceland in wintertime

Poor old Johan Stone from the Netherlands. All happy and shit about visiting Iceland in February only to get seriously mad and pissed about getting stuck in snowstorms and getting nowhere fast on local roads. Too bad old Johan did not read Total Iceland. The only Iceland guide to tell you how a deep winter ... Read More

An Iceland tale of stupidities

Common stupidity is a growing phenomenon in this world it seems. If in doubt, consider these two brand-new examples from Iceland. There is one less Chinese in the world after a Chinese tourist was swept out to sea in the popular Reynisfjara beach in Iceland. This guy was all fine and dandy, taking selfies and ... Read More

The Iceland key to happiness

Today´s media leaves much to be desired. We are bombarded with all kinds of quack information purporting quick fixes to make our lives better, healthier and richer too. All while we are getting worse, sicker and poorer too. One famous example is the extreme happiness of the people of Iceland. You may have come across news ... Read More

Iceland prices – 2016 version

Here we are again. Slightly older and a little wiser and still dreaming about that Iceland trip like we did last year and the year before and the year before that etc. We hate being the ones to piss on the parade but you would have saved quite a bit of dough by visiting last ... Read More

Death toll at famous Iceland dive site continues to mount

You may or may not have heard about Silfra pond at the famed Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. Massively popular for divers since it affords the chance to literally dive between continents. But there´s a downside too. This week a tourist of Chinese origin died after having experienced unknown difficulties diving in Silfra. Hardly a ... Read More

Conde Nast finally agreeing with Total Iceland

About time some foreign journalist saw the light. A recent piece in the world-famous travel magazine Condé Nast is pretty much an echo of all we´ve been saying for years. The piece, What Not to Do in Iceland, is well written and informative and even a bit daring. But above all written by a journalist ... Read More

Indian music and Iceland landscape seem a perfect match

One has to wonder. Today not a human with a camera has not made or is not making a trip to Iceland to capture the beauty of this fair land of ours and brag about back home. The same beauty nobody was interested in five years ago? The same beauty that has been here for ... Read More

The tiny piece of Reykjavik Iceland called Rock Village

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland is but a crying baby in terms of its age compared to all other cities in Europe. But that does not mean it has no old lovely quarter. Quarter might actually be a stretch. The area in question is more like a couple of tiny and eerily silent streets. ... Read More

Next few years won´t be too relaxing at the Blue lagoon in Iceland

All you folks out there planning your Iceland trip in 2015 blissfully unaware that the famous Blue lagoon will not be a particularly relaxing place in 2015. Nor in 2016. Not to mention 2017. This “Wonder of the World” as some all-expenses-paid-and-then-some-freebies-to-boot journalist from Nat Geo decided to call the Blue lagoon in Iceland a ... Read More

Winter travel in Iceland? A couple of horror stories to contemplate

In spite of fancy rhetoric from authorities and politicians, world history shows repeatedly that for things to change for the better some folks will have to have horrible accidents or be killed before anyone does anything. Such incidents are way overdue in Iceland. Hundreds of tour agencies, airlines and official tourism agencies in Iceland are ... Read More

Best way to capture the Northern lights in Iceland on camera

One of the most magnificent things to see with your own eyes in nature is undoubtedly the dance of the Northern lights in Iceland. Even better to capture their magnetic dances on film. While it is not altogether easy to spot Northern Lights it is much harder to snap a good photo to show to ... Read More

One less glacier in Iceland

It´s official! There is now one less glacier in Iceland than before. Another reminder to haul your ass over here before it is too late. Scientists tell a local newspaper that one of the smallest glaciers in the country, one named Ok, is now too small to hold on to its glacier rating. The tiny ... Read More

Poor coffee, depressed chefs and the long dark days of Iceland

Poor coffee, depressed chefs, bruised vegetables, long dark nights and even longer dark days too! Seems the New Statesman is not too fond of visiting Iceland in the dead of winter. Suffice it to say this article is one of only a handful of articles about visiting Iceland where everything is NOT cherry pie in ... Read More

The best of East of Iceland coming up in Iceland

Team Total Iceland believes in preparing and then preparing before final preparing when it comes to organized tours. Why, you may ask and the answer is that we don´t do ordinary and that means we make the extra effort most companies do not. We believe that 99 per cent of „tours“ nowadays anywhere in the ... Read More

The heck is “lopapeysa” and are they really made in Iceland

Chances are you´ll not walk far after landing in Iceland without coming across souvenir shops advertising the Icelandic “Lopapeysa” which is simply the traditional Icelandic wool sweater. The lopapeysa sweater has a long history here and can doubtless be credited for people surviving here in times past. It is made purely from Iceland wool and that ... Read More

Here´s one way to travel Iceland without paying an arm and a leg

As team Total Iceland has made clear in numerous articles visiting Iceland is, contrary to belief, much more expensive nowadays than it was a few years back when the place was mostly off limits due to high costs. A large chunk of that high cost is car rental and/or accommodation. But there is one option ... Read More

Missing out on nature in deep winter Iceland

There is a famous old Viking saying that roughly translated means that a good poem is never too often told. Which is why we want yet again to tell you about things you miss out on here when visiting in deep winter. How the government, local airlines, tourist agencies and hotel and restaurant owners would ... Read More

Why is there a SHOE in the window of most homes in Iceland?

You thought you had a pretty good idea about how weird those islanders calling Iceland their home can be. Rotten shark a daily staple, roll around naked in nature on Midsummer´s night, see elves and trolls in any old rock apart from still speaking a language unchanged from the last ice age. Ah, but you ... Read More

Fifteen great places in Iceland in just one day

We know many of you visiting Iceland only give yourself a few days here at best and then a number of you do not venture very far from Reykjavik city. Problem is, this place is chock-full of amazing spots and anyone just spending a long weekend or even a week will leave wanting for more. ... Read More

So you think nothing has happened since Björk in Iceland

A burst of energy is once again flowing through music artists in Iceland. PIC Oliver.Wolf The foreign music press has more often than once written about the tremendous energy coming from the tiny island of Iceland in the form of good music.  It is true. There is less activity in ... Read More