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Not everyone is welcome to Iceland

Suppose you live on an rather secluded island not far from the Arctic. Once in a white hillbilly moon an iceberg brings along a polar bear. After weeks and even months sailing around the ocean with nothing for company but ice it would be rather nice of you to welcome the bear with some means. ... Read More

Of course restaurants in Iceland are also cheating you

Even if Icelanders have just recently come out from under the rocks as a nation we are quicker than Usain Bolt to embrace all the “lovely” things about getting money for nothing. It would seem a stretch, while also kinda crazy and dumb, in a fishing nation like Iceland for restaurant owners to go out of ... Read More

Three very remarkable buildings in Reykjavik Iceland

The major symbol of Reykjavik city is the Hallgrimskirkja church. PIC Rog01 In spite of what many visitors believe the city of Reykjavik is a very young city in all respects. Those “old” buildings you see crammed between modern high rises in the center of the city are very seldom ... Read More

Few interesting facts about Iceland part deux

It´s always good sport to poke fun at other nations for their weird beliefs or customs. At least it has been towards Iceland and Icelanders throughout and for good reasons too. Yup, we´re pretty weird over here all things considered. Weird customs abound (rotten shark), weird people everywhere ( Björk), weird laws (it was perfectly ... Read More

So what is the camping season in Iceland?

Contrary to what tourism officials and tour operators want there are quite a lot of folks out there interested in visiting Iceland that do not have bank vaults full of cash lying around. With hotel prices going through the roof many of those pack a tent and travel cheap. But how good an idea is ... Read More

For emergencies in Iceland you fork out time and money

Taking care is easier said than done. Especially when doing all those unique Iceland activities like climbing a glacier, hiking the highland or shopping in Reykjavik. Should you at any point need to visit the emergency room at the nearest hospital you better have some serious loose change in your pocket. According to recently released ... Read More

Johan is pissed and regretting visiting Iceland in wintertime

Poor old Johan Stone from the Netherlands. All happy and shit about visiting Iceland in February only to get seriously mad and pissed about getting stuck in snowstorms and getting nowhere fast on local roads. Too bad old Johan did not read Total Iceland. The only Iceland guide to tell you how a deep winter ... Read More

An Iceland tale of stupidities

Common stupidity is a growing phenomenon in this world it seems. If in doubt, consider these two brand-new examples from Iceland. There is one less Chinese in the world after a Chinese tourist was swept out to sea in the popular Reynisfjara beach in Iceland. This guy was all fine and dandy, taking selfies and ... Read More

So what is this “sheep-roundup” thing they have in Iceland?

If driving around Iceland in September or October you may have noticed, or perhaps actually been delayed, by herds and herds of sheep being chased by farmers on foot, horses or in vehicles. This is effectively what is known as the yearly sheep-roundup and is fast becoming a major draw for tourist. In the Iceland ... Read More

The Iceland key to happiness

Today´s media leaves much to be desired. We are bombarded with all kinds of quack information purporting quick fixes to make our lives better, healthier and richer too. All while we are getting worse, sicker and poorer too. One famous example is the extreme happiness of the people of Iceland. You may have come across news ... Read More

In Iceland, a preview of your life in a care home

  Now you can get a preview of how life will be like when you´re 89, sick as hell and nobody gives a damn. Just such a service will soon be available in Iceland. Turns out a number of managers for government-run care homes for the elderly and sick are getting desperate. No one is ... Read More

Iceland prices – 2016 version

Here we are again. Slightly older and a little wiser and still dreaming about that Iceland trip like we did last year and the year before and the year before that etc. We hate being the ones to piss on the parade but you would have saved quite a bit of dough by visiting last ... Read More

In Iceland, possibly the most memorable round of golf ever

We know! Iceland is not the first country to come to mind when thinking of golfing in some exotic locale. Hell, it´s probably near the bottom of the list alongside North Korea. Do they even have golf courses over there??? But lo and behold, we do. Actually you´ll find amazing variety of golf courses in ... Read More

Death toll at famous Iceland dive site continues to mount

You may or may not have heard about Silfra pond at the famed Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. Massively popular for divers since it affords the chance to literally dive between continents. But there´s a downside too. This week a tourist of Chinese origin died after having experienced unknown difficulties diving in Silfra. Hardly a ... Read More

Conde Nast finally agreeing with Total Iceland

About time some foreign journalist saw the light. A recent piece in the world-famous travel magazine Condé Nast is pretty much an echo of all we´ve been saying for years. The piece, What Not to Do in Iceland, is well written and informative and even a bit daring. But above all written by a journalist ... Read More

Where to shop if on a budget in Iceland

It is getting infinitely harder for backpackers and those on tight budget to visit Iceland. This place was always expensive but now demand is way more than supply regarding hotels, guesthouses and even restaurants, making any budget trip here next to impossible. Examples abound. Basic bed in a basic hostel in Reykjavik these days can ... Read More

In Iceland, no such thing as Black Death spirit

If we had a dime for every time we´ve come across some local tour enterprise offering foreigners the chance to sample the infamous rotten shark and to kill the taste with a drink of the even more infamous Black Death spirit, we´d be right up there in Silicon Valley doing some Jeff Bezos shit. Instead, ... Read More

Three fab restaurants in Akureyri Iceland

For a town its size it´s quite amazing the varied things one can do in Akureyri. PIC Tom Olliver At the beginning of the century any connoisseur traveling around Iceland would have cut the trip short halfway and hurried home with horrible stomach aches. Outside of Reykjavik city and Akureyri ... Read More

In Iceland, overload of Santas could leave you wanting

Twenty years ago the thirteen different Santa´s of Iceland only got mentioned in hushed tones as if a secret. After all, why should smelly, dirty, ugly and slightly criminal fellows from the mountains have any chance against the generous, fat and shiny Coca Cola Santa Claus now celebrated worldwide as the one and only? But as ... Read More

What is Ásbyrgi in Iceland and why you should know about it

Some locals refer to Asbyrgi national park as the capital of elves in Iceland. Indeed, that could well be the case in this stunning horseshoe shaped canyon close to the northern coast of Iceland. Asbyrgi would be best described as an oasis if there ever was one. The weird-shaped canyon is one of a handful ... Read More

Treating animals like trash – a tale of Iceland farmers

We don´t know about you but team Total Iceland believes we should treat animals as fairly and squarely as possible. Animals do so much for this humankind. Things we do not even notice in daily life. Which is why, with great sadness, we have to report that Icelandic farmers are among the worst possible offenders ... Read More

Indian music and Iceland landscape seem a perfect match

One has to wonder. Today not a human with a camera has not made or is not making a trip to Iceland to capture the beauty of this fair land of ours and brag about back home. The same beauty nobody was interested in five years ago? The same beauty that has been here for ... Read More

All the little practical things you need to know about Iceland

Is tipping allowed? Cheapest supermarket? Bad neighborhoods? All is answered. PIC Vera & Jean Christophe You´ve been here before. No travel to anywhere is much fun if you completely dismiss the boring practical stuff. But fear not. Here´s all you need to know about travel to Iceland in three minutes ... Read More