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What is Ásbyrgi in Iceland and why you should know about it

Some locals refer to Asbyrgi national park as the capital of elves in Iceland. Indeed, that could well be the case in this stunning horseshoe shaped canyon close to the northern coast of Iceland. Asbyrgi would be best described as an oasis if there ever was one. The weird-shaped canyon is one of a handful ... Read More

If the police don´t stop you in Blonduos Iceland these geese will

There really is only one thing that comes to the mind of locals in Iceland when you mention the village of Blonduos. Police. For years, local officers in Blonduos, population 900, have gone Olympic in giving tickets to speeding motorists in and around the town. So much so that most everyone driving in these parts ... Read More

Sure you are ready for summertime in the highland of Iceland?

We know you packed lots of extra warm clothes for your July trip to Iceland. But this place might just still make you look like a bloody amateur in packing the right stuff :). You knew there were great glaciers over here and perhaps you knew there was some leftover snow from last winter covering ... Read More

Is Akureyri Iceland really the best European destination in 2015?

Much ado about the nomination of Akureyri Iceland as the best European destination in 2015 by travel giant Lonely Planet. But is it really so hot? The answer is yes and no. While such nominations suffer from really being just the opinion of a travel writer or two, there is a case to be made ... Read More

What you need to know about the two-faced Dettifoss in Iceland

One of the natural marvels of Iceland and a must see for everyone is the mighty waterfall Dettifoss in the North of the country. This is the kind of experience that pretty much leave you speechless. But folks visiting the area on their own should know the powerful waterfall is two-faced so to speak. Not ... Read More

Why you shouldn´t leave Iceland without visiting Myvatn

Just one of many stunning natural sights of Myvatn. Like many places in Iceland, Dimmuborgir or Dark Cities, is appropriately named. PIC Alessando Grussu At the best of times less than half of all visitors to Iceland ever take the time or make the effort to visit other parts of ... Read More

In Iceland, Santa´s workshop is open year round

You know the drill. All the gifts Santa gives to good children over Christmastime are not bought from Toys´R´Us at the last minute. Not at all. Those items are built, assembled, loved and cared for for months before the big moment. Doubtful you think? Then make your way to the Christmas Garden found in relative ... Read More

Christmas in East or North of Iceland could be hell on earth

Should you be one of the gullible traveling blissfully around Iceland in deep winter this is something you should know about. Seems the local Met Office believes one of the strongest winds on record for decades will hit the North and East of Iceland over Christmas-time. This means you either get the hell out of ... Read More

In Iceland, a blue lagoon that´s better than the Blue lagoon

We used to love visiting what has become known worldwide as the Blue lagoon of Iceland. The very same lagoon the journalists at National Geographic deemed to be worthy as a world wonder. Which led us to wonder if those same journalists had not traveled the world much. You see, describing a pool of waste-water from ... Read More