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Of course restaurants in Iceland are also cheating you

Even if Icelanders have just recently come out from under the rocks as a nation we are quicker than Usain Bolt to embrace all the “lovely” things about getting money for nothing. It would seem a stretch, while also kinda crazy and dumb, in a fishing nation like Iceland for restaurant owners to go out of ... Read More

Three fab restaurants in Akureyri Iceland

For a town its size it´s quite amazing the varied things one can do in Akureyri. PIC Tom Olliver At the beginning of the century any connoisseur traveling around Iceland would have cut the trip short halfway and hurried home with horrible stomach aches. Outside of Reykjavik city and Akureyri ... Read More

You sure you want fresh fish in Iceland?

Freshest seafood possible! Catch of the day! Catch and grill! Why all such statements should be taken with a huge grain of sea salt in Iceland. There is no shortage of fancy advertising from local Icelandic restaurants competing about tourist dollars. And for an industry where every second restaurant here went bust for years and ... Read More

Life and good food by the harbor in Reykjavik Iceland

In Reykjavik Iceland not too many things have borne good fruit when it comes to city planning. One does not have to walk far or long to realize the center of Reykjavik is more or less a twisted jumble of whatever and none too interesting either. Next to a one-story hundred year old building they ... Read More

No, you won´t find much open in Iceland over Christmas

Visitors to Iceland over Christmas en New Year´s might be in for an unpleasant surprise no one bothered to tell them about. Many popular places; i.e. stores, restaurants, bars and even some smaller hotels and guesthouses could more or less be closed over this time. Yeah, we know nobody mentioned this which is another reason ... Read More

No McDonalds in Iceland but we´re still pretty fat

Amazing number of tourists to Iceland roll over with surprise when they learn there is absolutely no McDonalds restaurant in the whole country. Their surprise is always surprising since one of the superduper things about travelling is to try the local stuff and not just head to the nearest thing you know. In that case ... Read More

Why we won´t recommend any restaurants

In Iceland there really is little difference in opening a restaurant and playing poker. In both instances you lay out all your money and sooner rather than later you lose it all. It almost seems something mathematicians should taka a close look at; why do restaurants in Iceland fold and die every five seconds? Take ... Read More

In Iceland not just geothermal pools but restaurants too

Fog is not unusual in the small town of Hveragerdi, literally Hot Spring Field, about 45 minutes south of the capital Reykjavik. Indeed, not just fog but unusual smell also. Don´t miss it. Now, team Total Iceland being lovers of beautiful things we absolutely hate how this rather lovely place has decided to present itself ... Read More