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Of course restaurants in Iceland are also cheating you

Even if Icelanders have just recently come out from under the rocks as a nation we are quicker than Usain Bolt to embrace all the “lovely” things about getting money for nothing. It would seem a stretch, while also kinda crazy and dumb, in a fishing nation like Iceland for restaurant owners to go out of ... Read More

Three very remarkable buildings in Reykjavik Iceland

The major symbol of Reykjavik city is the Hallgrimskirkja church. PIC Rog01 In spite of what many visitors believe the city of Reykjavik is a very young city in all respects. Those “old” buildings you see crammed between modern high rises in the center of the city are very seldom ... Read More

In Iceland, overload of Santas could leave you wanting

Twenty years ago the thirteen different Santa´s of Iceland only got mentioned in hushed tones as if a secret. After all, why should smelly, dirty, ugly and slightly criminal fellows from the mountains have any chance against the generous, fat and shiny Coca Cola Santa Claus now celebrated worldwide as the one and only? But as ... Read More

Best campsite in Iceland is undoubtedly in Reykjavik city

We understand your concerns completely. Setting up camp in cities of this world can be a daunting thought. Often campsites are far away from everything. Security less than perfect or non-existent and necessary services poor and sometimes lacking altogether. Not so in Reykjavik city. In the area known as Laugardalur (see map below) you´ll find ... Read More

Whopping barhopping walkabout in Reykjavik Iceland

From time immemorial, or at least for the last couple of years, team Total Iceland has never charged a dime if some of our foreign friends and customers asked us to guide them through the nightlife labyrinth in Reykjavik city. In fact, we have made fun of nightlife tours since this is a tiny place ... Read More

Three worthy stops for bird enthusiasts in Iceland

For bird enthusiasts there is no shortage of great bird-watching spots in Iceland. On the contrary, this is a haven for quite a number of migratory birds, although it must be said the numbers of many species are dwindling rather speedily these last few years. Without doubt just driving leisurely around the island on the Ring Road ... Read More

The tiny piece of Reykjavik Iceland called Rock Village

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland is but a crying baby in terms of its age compared to all other cities in Europe. But that does not mean it has no old lovely quarter. Quarter might actually be a stretch. The area in question is more like a couple of tiny and eerily silent streets. ... Read More

A couple of practical things while in Iceland

We wouldn´t be much of a travel guide if we didn´t include some practical stuff once in awhile. Here are a couple of those which will definitely make your trip to this place a weeny bit easier. The first has to do with the popular Blue Lagoon. We wrote about it before and so did ... Read More

Free concert and views to blow you away in Iceland

Should you find yourself in or around Reykjavik city on Friday the 29th of May 2015 you could do a lot worse than head over to Esja mountain and start climbing. A local mobile phone company is inviting all that can and will to listen to one of this country´s most popular artist on the ... Read More

Condé Nast says commercial shit is on par with Iceland nature

Sorry folks, but we´re getting really, really tired of superficial foreign “journalists” making sweeping statements about Iceland in spite of just spending a weekend here. According to Condé Nast the fineries found in basic shops in Reykjavik city are now ON PAR with the stunning Iceland nature according to someone by the name of Aran ... Read More

A touch of peace and quiet in downtown Reykjavik Iceland

The central downtown area of the capital of Iceland has changed quite dramatically in the last few years with the sudden burst of tourism. Before it was not too hard to find relative peace and quiet in spite of everything here but that´s getting very much harder. But there is one exception. A few steps ... Read More

Varying your dinner habits a good idea in Iceland

You may or may not be one of the hundreds of thousands of tourists lining up for a summer trip to Iceland. Latest official projections indicate the summer of 2016 will break all visitor records in this country. That will mean quite a bit of problems you might not realize yet. This is rather easy ... Read More

In Iceland, whale watching without the cold and the puke

Whale museum number two in Iceland has just opened its doors in the Grandi harbor area of Reykjavik city. This means you can get up close and personal with those large beasts of the ocean without actually bracing the cold of a real whale watching trip. Probably a welcomed show for unseaworthy folks so to ... Read More

Fifteen great places in Iceland in just one day

We know many of you visiting Iceland only give yourself a few days here at best and then a number of you do not venture very far from Reykjavik city. Problem is, this place is chock-full of amazing spots and anyone just spending a long weekend or even a week will leave wanting for more. ... Read More

Which shopping mall in Iceland

Iceland will likely never get on the map of the greatest shopping destinations for tourists. Indeed, shopping here is considered very expensive and remarkably so considering the low wages within the country. However, you might want to take a look inside some shops when abroad and at the very least check out prices. The simplest ... Read More

Couple of things about Iceland airwaves festival

You may or may not have heard about the Iceland Airwaves music festival. It is probably the biggest music festival in Iceland or Reykjavik to be exact. For total novices Iceland Airwaves is a yearly event when every goddamn joint in downtown Reykjavik city offers up some live music. Great idea no? Well, not so ... Read More

Everybody loves Raymond and Reykjavik Iceland

Tough luck for ole´ Raymond Romano. Turns out his old show is but on par with the city of Reykjavik Iceland in the ratings game. Team Total Iceland does not know what to make of the recent official statistics showing extreme enjoyment of foreigners visiting Reykjavik city. We would like to believe folks are exaggerating ... Read More

In Reykjavik Iceland, a not-so-famous grassy knoll

It cannot be said there is stiff competition in the grassy knoll category of things. That famous grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas holds top honors and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. But we have a candidate for second place. Walking leisurely along the harbor area of Reykjavik city in Iceland you ... Read More

A light stroll among the wealthy in Reykjavik, Iceland

As in most other western societies there are wealthy people in Iceland in spite of recent economic collapse of the country. Unlike most though, you can stroll among the expensive real estate while you take in downtown Reykjavik. It might surprise a few people but steps away from some of the greatest sights of Reykjavik ... Read More

Is biking Reykjavik, Iceland a good idea?

Without doubt you have come across all those rave reviews and ads about Iceland being the greenest of all green. Then it should come as some surprise there is no bike-share program in the capital city Reykjavik. To enjoy biking you will have to fork. Most genuine cities in this world now offer some kind ... Read More

Sunday morning in Iceland to text home about

Doing anything special Sunday morning? If not, you could do a whole lot worse than hike to the top of Esja mountain near Reykjavik city. Not only will it give you a fantastic workout, a fantastic view over the city but also direct access to a fine party. Hmm you might ponder. What do you ... Read More

Which bar in Reykjavik Iceland?

As elsewhere in most cites barhopping is a pretty popular pastime among locals. In reality this is only possible in Reykjavik and to a lesser extent in Akureyri. In other towns in the country there is usually only one or perhaps two bars in each and barhopping soon becomes a rather repetive exercise. But where ... Read More

So what are the towns of Iceland best known for

In spite of low population and a limited number of towns and villages one thing many Icelandic places have in their favor is the fact they are managing to differentiate themselves from one another. A number of towns relying exclusively on fisheries just a dozen years back now have a completely different image in the ... Read More

Next to rows of penises in Iceland more interesting stuff

A small percentage of visitors to Iceland are not only concerned with the beautiful places on this island or the allnighter weekend drinking habits but are genuinely interested in the language, culture and customs of the locals. Judging from the mail team Total Iceland gets there is a rising number of people wanting to know ... Read More