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All the little practical things you need to know about Iceland

Is tipping allowed? Cheapest supermarket? Bad neighborhoods? All is answered. PIC Vera & Jean Christophe You´ve been here before. No travel to anywhere is much fun if you completely dismiss the boring practical stuff. But fear not. Here´s all you need to know about travel to Iceland in three minutes ... Read More

Which shopping mall in Iceland

Iceland will likely never get on the map of the greatest shopping destinations for tourists. Indeed, shopping here is considered very expensive and remarkably so considering the low wages within the country. However, you might want to take a look inside some shops when abroad and at the very least check out prices. The simplest ... Read More

So how expensive is Iceland really?

Don´t say we didn´t warn you guys because we did. Again and again and the only guide to Iceland honest about how friggin´ expensive things are here. Trust us, shopping here is so expensive it will turn you off shopping. In all honesty, and team Total Iceland is very guilty of travel around the world, ... Read More

Saving yet more money while visiting Iceland

There is hardly a soul on the whole planet not looking for ways to save money or make more money in one way or another. Should you find yourself suddenly shopping your wits away while visiting Iceland you could save a hefty sum by claiming tax free entitlements before you leave. This is mostly intended ... Read More

How to save a bundle on Blue lagoon products in Iceland

If you do not want to throw your hard-earned money away like a drunk Saudi prince you would do well to stay clear of the shop in the famous Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland. Inside this tourist mecca you will find a specialty Blue lagoon store selling all kinds of everything from the labs of ... Read More

Not made in Iceland

Take a walk down Laugavegur shopping street in downtown Reykjavik in Iceland and you will soon be overwhelmed by the number of stores primarily focused on selling foreigners some expensive stuff. The products on offer in these stores are often very fine and tempting to buy and most are advertised as an Icelandic products. Which ... Read More

Only three places to shop in Iceland

Shopping-wise Iceland is a decent place for anyone with currency worth a shit. The economic crisis in 2008 which hit Iceland particularly hard, the local currency, krona, devalued immensely overnight and has never really seen the light of day since. This means tourists with dollars, euros, remnibi or any other stronger currency will find better ... Read More