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Next few years won´t be too relaxing at the Blue lagoon in Iceland

All you folks out there planning your Iceland trip in 2015 blissfully unaware that the famous Blue lagoon will not be a particularly relaxing place in 2015. Nor in 2016. Not to mention 2017. This “Wonder of the World” as some all-expenses-paid-and-then-some-freebies-to-boot journalist from Nat Geo decided to call the Blue lagoon in Iceland a ... Read More

The favela of Iceland

You would be forgiven if even after reading all you can about Iceland travel and interesting places to visit in the country you still have no idea about a place called Saenautasel farm. You could even drive right by and be none the wiser. Saenautasel is a very old farm in the East of the ... Read More

Very possibly the next big thing from Iceland

Our few but dedicated readers are well aware team Total Iceland will share every good thing about Iceland at any time. There is simply too much bad stuff in the world not to share when something good comes along. Which is why we had to share this newly song by a new local artist. Calling ... Read More

Be very, very careful around Solheimajokull glacier in Iceland

Turns out hundreds of foreign visitors are herded right up to the Solheimajokull glacier in the South of Iceland. Most of those are blissfully unaware some volcanic activity has been recorded underneath the glacier. Which could, worst case scenario, produce a flash flood in seconds. This is certainly not the first time local tour operators ... Read More

Funky adventures on Solheimasandur Iceland

It is fair to say that the majority of visitors to South Iceland are well taken aback, in a nice way, by the seemingly endless black sand coast ruling the view for kilometer after kilometer. These fields of sand stretching everywhere are eerily tantalizing and inviting for most in spite of being a preview of ... Read More

But seriously folks

  Perhaps you can blame all those thick and colorful travel brochures about Iceland´s wonders. Perhaps all the sunny pictures fool some people into believing. Perhaps some of you are just not too bright. Perhaps also you should help spread the Total Iceland word. Nobody else is warning about a lot of stuff here in ... Read More

So where exactly do you find the nicest weather in Iceland?

Admittedly this is not information commonly requested by tourists visiting Iceland. Most of you are not visiting this country for the warmth and sunshine. However, you might be interested to know there is quite a difference in the weather on this small island. Difference that can make your holiday so much more better, or worse. ... Read More

Yet another hit to the clean Iceland myth

Without doubt the most unspoiled place in Iceland is the northwestern point of the country known as Hornstrandir area. It is in fact, a whole jagged peninsula where no one has lived for half a century and only smaller groups of people visit each summer. But the most unspoiled place in Iceland does not mean ... Read More

Next few days in Iceland you might want to spend at Hella

Ordinarily the Icelandic village of Hella has little to recommend it. Located midway between Selfoss town and Hvolsvollur village in the South it is more like a drive-thru than an inviting place to stop. But once in awhile this changes for the better and indeed the next few days in Hella might be exciting for ... Read More

An Iceland secret you should know about

Ohhh. Local Icelandic meat and organic vegetables on the table and you are dying from hunger after a long day sightseeing. You finish your meal, take a sip of ridiculously expensive but average red wine to celebrate a good day. Afterwards you feel good in your soul; you saw great natural sites and enjoyed great ... Read More

One step ahead of law enforcement in Iceland

We know the feeling. Sunny day and you are cruising along what constitutes a highway in Iceland. Life is good and the future bright. Then suddenly a flash. Couple of weeks later you face a hefty fine. Quite a number of foreigners get pulled over by traffic police in Iceland each year for speeding and ... Read More

A small island in Iceland hides a magnificent story

Looking out to sea while driving the rather lovely Skagafjordur valley in Iceland one would have to be blind not to notice a tiny island smack in the middle of the sea to the North. Quite picturesque and lonely it seems but it also hides a secret. This island was the epicenter of one of ... Read More

In Iceland, elves have left the building

We´d really, really like you to believe all locals in Iceland believe fervently in hidden peoples or elves as they are known abroad. It makes for such a compelling reason to visit doesn´t it? You have probably heard about us believing with such might as to actually move roads and buildings away from planned locations ... Read More

Travelers leaving deep marks on pristine Iceland nature

Want to try your hand at some Icelandic? Try saying „Friðland að fjallabaki.“  Yeah, not so easy is it. Its meaning is roughly a protected area over the mountains and is the local name used for the magnificent place in and around such unique spots as Landmannalaugar and Hrafntinnusker in the southwest highland of Iceland. ... Read More

In case you were wondering about Icelandair

We understand twelve thousand travelers might be left stranded somewhere on Monday the 16th of June if they happen to have a flight ticket booked with Icelandair. Do not be surprised if this is the very first you hear about it; Icelandair usually does little to inform their customers of anything at all. You doubt ... Read More

Before you use Hekla Travel for your Iceland trip

One travel agency owned by one of the people responsible for the financial shock in Iceland is Hekla Travel Would you do business with a travel agency owned by Kenneth Lay of Enron fame after the guy was found guilty of massive corruption and crimes galore? It pains us much ... Read More

Lots of roll but little rock in a new museum in Iceland

We hate being the bearers of bad news. Especially so when covering events, places or people that are very fine in most all respects. We wanted to let you know about a museum opening in the town of Keflavik recently. Yup, the town in the backyard of the international airport. There the very first Rock´n´roll museum ... Read More

Five great hiking areas of Iceland

You know, we hate lists. Simply because travel is not shopping for groceries and because lists of all kinds can make us blind for better opportunities on our travels. That said, we had to make a list of the greatest places for hiking in Iceland for the simple reason we´ve been asked again and again ... Read More

A hotel in Iceland not exactly telling you the truth

Unfortunately lies and deception have on occasion become the norm in the Icelandic tourism industry in recent years. Loads of tour operators in Iceland offers „the very best and finest“ of everything it seems, in spite of numerous instances to the contrary. Well, that´s where we come in 🙂 There is a small hotel in ... Read More

What´s up with the black churches in Iceland?

Google “black churches” and in all likelihood you will be flooded with ads and reports about churches in predominantly black neighborhoods in the US of A. But nowhere will you find so much as a dot about the distinct and weird but amazingly dramatic black churches of Iceland. It is very true ladies and gentlemen. There are ... Read More