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Best way to capture the Northern lights in Iceland on camera

One of the most magnificent things to see with your own eyes in nature is undoubtedly the dance of the Northern lights in Iceland. Even better to capture their magnetic dances on film. While it is not altogether easy to spot Northern Lights it is much harder to snap a good photo to show to ... Read More

One less glacier in Iceland

It´s official! There is now one less glacier in Iceland than before. Another reminder to haul your ass over here before it is too late. Scientists tell a local newspaper that one of the smallest glaciers in the country, one named Ok, is now too small to hold on to its glacier rating. The tiny ... Read More

The best of East of Iceland coming up in Iceland

Team Total Iceland believes in preparing and then preparing before final preparing when it comes to organized tours. Why, you may ask and the answer is that we don´t do ordinary and that means we make the extra effort most companies do not. We believe that 99 per cent of „tours“ nowadays anywhere in the ... Read More

The horrible truth about that epic Iceland drone video

You may or may not know about a very popular recent video taken in Iceland that has been making waves on social media for the last few days. The video, often referred to as the epic drone video, is indeed stunning. But what few realize that the video is really an ode to disappearing places. First ... Read More

Five islands in Iceland you should make every effort to see

Any traveler looking for out-of-the-box experience in Iceland should take time out on these islands. PIC Chris Zielecki As has often been mentioned here it is terribly sad how many of tourists visiting Iceland stay only long enough to visit the well publicized places and then leave none the wiser. ... Read More

Is the Blue lagoon totally safe?

It horrifies some people to know that the water in the famous Blue lagoon in Iceland is actually waste water from a nearby power plant. Does that mean there is any danger diving in? That´s not something you´ll read about on the lagoon´s website where just the good sales-friendly stuff is explained. But it does give ... Read More

Killing the polar bears in Iceland

Things are tough all over for the polar bear. Its hunting grounds melting faster than a snowball in hell and like many other species their numbers dwindling fast. Icelanders do their bit also by instantly killing any unlucky animal happening upon the shores here. Once in awhile we do get inquires about the best spots ... Read More

Gambling in Iceland? You´re out of luck

As evidenced by growing numbers of casinos worldwide and massive profits of most of those it should follow that enterprising individuals should seize the opportunity to open one wherever there is none. Iceland is one of those. Yes indeed, apart from rather old fashioned slot machines found in some seedy establishments you are out of ... Read More

How scared should you be about Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland?

You´ve finally put the finishing touches on your travel plan around Iceland next summer after much thought and contemplation. After all, one only visits this place once or twice in a lifetime and thus best to go all in and see everything. It will be the trip of a lifetime. Except there is one thing ... Read More

Why your shades will come in handy in dark and wintry Iceland

What on earth should you pack for a winter holiday to Iceland? That´s always a popular question on travel forums and more so now that most airlines charge an arm and a leg for any baggage. The answer is pretty straightforward if staying longer than a couple of nights and doing more than just getting ... Read More

One pristine wilderness of Iceland soon going extinct

For centuries the name Sprengisandur has sent shivers down the spines of local folk in Iceland. Reason being this has long been the shortest but most dangerous and desolate highland route between the North and the South of the country. Back in the day this was a journey many had to take in all kinds ... Read More

On inhospitable remote mountaintop in Iceland a fascinating sight

The chances of anyone stumbling across the fascinating ruined buildings on top of Straumnesfjall mountain in the Westfjords area of Iceland are practically non-existent. The mountain itself remote as remote can be and the spot wide open to the harshest and coldest Arctic winds and weather. It is clichéd indeed to boast that all and ... Read More

So how does the Black Forest of Iceland measure up?

Well traveled individuals know the drill. More often than not the very best places to lay one´s hat for a night are found by pure accident and not through some fancy colorful brochures or websites. This is especially the case in today´s Iceland where tourism has almost overnight become the most important industry in the ... Read More

Freezing winds descending on Iceland

If your idea of a fabulous time abroad is facing biting Arctic winds, traveling on roads thick with ice and snow and the very real possibility of not enjoying an iota of nature then this would be a grand time to visit Iceland. Yup folks, wintertime has arrived in Iceland and with a vengeance too. ... Read More

The stuff of horror movies a reality in Iceland

From afar the place looks quite worn down and unappealing. Come closer and it gets no better. Perhaps for a good reason too. You see, this old farm made of stone hides a rather excellent secret. It was built squarely on top of an old cemetery. Yup folks, if that´s not the stuff of legends ... Read More

Possibly the very best hiking area in Iceland

A major problem of writing any serious guide to Iceland is the fact that as soon as one wants to specifically recommend one place for your enjoyment the writer gets into trouble. Reason being this whole country has such glorious variety of  stunning places that recommending one place over another is tantamount to saying one ... Read More

What is Fjadrargljufur in Iceland and why you should make a stop

There is no shortage of canyons in the beautiful country of Iceland. The country practically carved through and through with mountains, valleys and canyons of amazing variety. While hard to recommend one above any other it is certainly worth your while to visit Fjadrargljufur canyon while driving in the South of the country. Only recently ... Read More

Which shopping mall in Iceland

Iceland will likely never get on the map of the greatest shopping destinations for tourists. Indeed, shopping here is considered very expensive and remarkably so considering the low wages within the country. However, you might want to take a look inside some shops when abroad and at the very least check out prices. The simplest ... Read More

Holuhraun volcano in Iceland best viewed from afar

Perhaps it is human nature to seek out all those things banned for one reason or another. Very understandable in most cases but less so if the thing in question could end your life in a jiffy. That´s more suicide than curiosity. Seems there is no shortage of people making their way into the off-limit ... Read More

Stunning lava field in Iceland holds many secrets

One of the more interesting things while traveling in the South of Iceland is the amazingly sharp contrast found on the way between the villages of Klaustur and Vik. On one hand vast empty black sands and on the other vast overgrown lava field. Opposites truly attract here. The contrast is especially vivid in high ... Read More

Making love under the Northern lights in Iceland

„I could not believe it. They demanded we stop and loudly so and when the driver finally did and opened the door they jumped right out into the icy snow and started making out like it was the most natural thing in the world. Except is wasn´t since it was minus three outside. Still they ... Read More

So how expensive is Iceland really?

Don´t say we didn´t warn you guys because we did. Again and again and the only guide to Iceland honest about how friggin´ expensive things are here. Trust us, shopping here is so expensive it will turn you off shopping. In all honesty, and team Total Iceland is very guilty of travel around the world, ... Read More