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One special date to be aware of in Iceland

Usually we are all for visitors taking in local events if they have the time and inclination. But there is one festival in particular you may not want to find yourself at the end of. It is called Thjodhatid festival, Þjóðhátíð in Icelandic, and is the largest music/drinking festival in the country. Great party to ... Read More

In Iceland, the elephant rocks

As so often before it takes foreign peoples relaxing on holiday to point out some natural treasure in your own back-yard. One you´ve never given a second thought. That is certainly the case with the now-famous elephant rock in Iceland but that particular rock has made quite a few waves on social media for the ... Read More

A huff and a puff and the puffins are gone from Iceland

Bird enthusiasts could make a worse decision than to visit the Atlantic island of Iceland. Usually jam-packed with hundreds of different species and often quite easy to get close to whole flocks calling this home. But dark clouds are gathering here too. Seabirds the world over have been in decline for quite some time. This ... Read More

Not Phoenix but a house rising from the ashes in Iceland

Roughly forty years ago a volcanic eruption on the small island of Heimaey, one of the Westman Islands group, woke the inhabitants up with a jolt in the middle of the night. A large evacuation got everyone off the island in record time while red-hot lava flowed slowly but surely towards town. Not one person ... Read More

The trouble with visiting Westman Islands in Iceland

Those interesting in geology and especially the volcanic nature of the land called Iceland cannot in good conscience visit and not go see the Westman Islands. These are, after all, ground zero of men against nature in Iceland. But visiting now presents some problems since there is no accommodation available months in advance. There are ... Read More

You really wanna meet drunk Icelanders?

You may or may not be aware that Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, has a massive reputation for being the sin city par excellence. A night out will be blissfully drunk and wonderful and chances of ending up in bed with company supposedly great. Now, what if we were to tell you that the wild weekends in ... Read More

Three generations of elves in one stone in Iceland

Seems like human beings aren´t the only ones having a hard time moving away from hotel mom and dad. Three generations of elves have chosen to live together in the very same stone in Iceland according to a local expert. Everybody knows elves are real and you would do lasting harm to the honor of ... Read More

Whale of an adventure in Iceland

In 1994 the only way for visitors in Iceland to see whales up close was by watching the Free Willy movie from Hollywood. In the time since no fewer than 14 companies have started offering whale watching tours all around the country and some others do so unofficially. Iceland is a grand place to witness ... Read More

Fire in the caves of Heimaey Iceland

Massive and impressive cliffs surround part of the town of Vestmannaeyjar on Heimaey island in Iceland providing excellent shelter for townspeople from anything the Atlantic ocean throws their way. These towering cliffs are dotted with crevices, small openings and in places even a cave or two. Once in awhile in dark but calm evenings enterprising ... Read More