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The age of disinformation in Iceland

Welcome to Iowa… no, wait a minute. Is this bleak and unremarkable landscape perhaps Iceland in March? Sure looks like a lot of people having loads of fun. PIC al_waynar

Being of sound mind and body, possessing relatively good common sense and decades of ground experience, team Total Iceland is stunned day in and day out by the flagrant and foul crap rolling from the supposed travel industry to lure in interested parties.

You know the drill if you have been scouring the web for information about Iceland. According to a grand tourism pitch Iceland is a friend to everybody. Ditto for inspiration. Don´t forget how very unpolluted the country is supposedly and my, oh, my how the prices here for stuff is low and competitive. Last but not least how very welcoming Iceland in during the dark winter months.

This is not just sad. These are pure lies.

We could easily write a book about the misinformation, or disinformation, being dissed out to unsuspecting foreigners from every conceivable direction. Need we remind our would-be visitors how tourism is the new golden egg for local industry?

You make up your own mind but fault us not if you spend time here, go back home and fume about how things did not turn out the way you were led to believe. Do not trust any tourism website with ads from local companies. At all. Remember, everyone here is either related or knows each other.

Thus for sake of correctness, a few tips for the uninitiated

  • Would you be surprised to know in Reykjavik the PM pollution on a winters day can reach several hundred?
  • The famous Reykjavik nightlife is no different from, say Oslo or Helsinki, but a lot less bars to choose from
  • Store prices, on average, are cheaper than many places but Iceland being CHEAP is ridiculous
  • Most tourism companies, hotel chains, restaurants and bars are owned by the very same few people

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