Fighting disinformation tooth and nail

    We could give you a nice speech about first class service and the dedication of our staff and blah and blah and blah.
    But this is superficial shit and we all know poorly paid folks will not ever give you good service.
    We´d rather give you good service than brag or boast about it beforehand.
    Team Total Iceland only does small groups of people and all of us get paid decent wages. We also offer you very decent tour prices and fun to boot.
    Join us. Don´t worry. We take credit cards and we offer cash discounts and we´re more flexible than a mime on steroids.


    Yeah, we do collect cookies as most others. Unlike most others we do not do anything with it or try to benefit in any way. In other words: We do no employ any wizardry to get your business.


The easy girls of Iceland

The myth about easy Icelandic girls is just that; a myth. Don´t believe the hype

For some reason, probably very effective PR stuff, many foreign men tend to think Icelandic girls are both stunningly beautiful and stunningly easy. And for some reason Icelandic men say the same thing about the British and American girls.

But as always thinks are not quite what you are led to believe. As any middle aged Brit or American can tell you, chasing beautiful Icelandic chicks for nights on end will most likely only end in one thing and it has nothing to do with a wild and volcanic encounter. Much more with being alone in hotel room punch drunk and naked in front of a mirror after a late night out.

No matter how much stuff you guys have read about easy pickings in Icelandic clubs and pubs. The reality is that it is certainly no feat to pick up girls if you look like Brad Pitt. Actually, it is no feat if you look like Danny DeVito, as long as you have money to spend and time to spend it. That is a universal thing.

But for General Average Guy picking up girls in Icelandic bars is neither harder or easier than picking up girls from bar Hillbilly in Louisiana or Bar Pussy Galore in Croydon.