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This the place to protest whaling in Iceland

The only operating whaling station in Iceland is found, incidentally, in Whalefjord. PIC thorgilsv

The only operating whaling station in Iceland is found, incidentally, in Whalefjord. PIC thorgilsv

We can debate forever the pros and cons of whale hunting in Iceland and elsewhere but it is the kind of topic too many feel too passionately about to make discussions worthwhile.

In theory, team Total Iceland is against the killing of whales but we also know how absolutely delicious rightly cooked whale meat tastes like. And who is to say whales are more important beasts than cows or bulls?

the activity is quite fascinating

In any case, we know many out there demand a stop to whaling in Iceland and while you can send millions of emails and petitions forever in time without much change there is actually a physical location where your voice can be heard quite clearly. Or, as the case may be, watch the beasts being dragged ashore for processing. Trust us, the activity is quite fascinating.

Keep in mind there is not constant activity taking place here but only when whales are brought in by boats. This happens once or twice a day oftentimes in summertime.

Follow the map below for about 50 minutes and you´ll arrive at the only whaling station operating in Iceland.

View Icelandic whaling station in a larger map

3 thoughts on “This the place to protest whaling in Iceland

  1. I am appalled to learn that Iceland has decided to resume commercial whaling under the guise of scientific research, and plans to kill 38 minke whales this summer. I am deeply disappointed that Iceland has taken this decision in spite of the declaration of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) at its recent 55th meeting, that commercially motivated research whaling represents “an act contrary to the spirit of the moratorium on commercial whaling and to the will of the Commission”. At this meeting, the IWC specifically urged Iceland not to start so-called “research” whaling.

    I was anticipating visiting Iceland this October, but have cancelled all of my plans due to tihs abhorrent practice. The only way to sustainably use the whale stocks in Icelandic waters is whale watching, the statement said. “Whales have much more value when they are alive than dead.”.

  2. Am visiting Iceland presently, and did not know minke whale would show up on the menu of a lovely restaurant ~ we won’t be recommending! We saw neither hide nor hair of minke on our whale watch, and no wonder… A moratorium is a moratorium. As meat, what kind of research is being conducted?! What dish is most popular?

  3. Heather Linnett

    I love it and I have eaten it in Iceland several times. Food is food, and whale is part of that food chain for those in Island communities, as Iceland is. It is historical and too some traditional. The effort to kill a whale is no more than it is to kill a cow or other farm animal. At least the animal lived free until the very last minute. Not all animals who wait to be slaughtered have that opportunity. I believe this is up too the Icelanders to say or to reject, and no-one else. The same applies to the Faroe Islands who still hunt in their traditional ways as their for-fathers the Viking did over 1000 years ago. Does it make right is not up too me to decide.
    Those who do not agree, I would ask – do you wear leather shoes, carry a leather bag, like hide products, own a leather coat/jacket……. then

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