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Three fab restaurants in Akureyri Iceland

For a town its size it´s quite amazing the varied things one can do in Akureyri. PIC Tom Olliver

For a town its size it´s quite amazing the varied things one can do in Akureyri. PIC Tom Olliver

At the beginning of the century any connoisseur traveling around Iceland would have cut the trip short halfway and hurried home with horrible stomach aches. Outside of Reykjavik city and Akureyri town in the North, the restaurants rising above the utterly crappy numbered in the one-digit area.

If there is any great positive thing about the sudden flood of tourists in Iceland it is the fact that even in the crummiest places nowadays one could very well find a decent or better diner or restaurants. Locals alone way too few and cheap to support a place offering other things than fast-food junk except in those two places.

The Northern capital of Akureyri has at least three restaurants where service is quite good or excellent, the menu is exciting and where you can be reasonable sure the chefs use the very best ingredients. We cannot say fresh because this is an island far away from everything and anything we have to import takes days and days to reach to tables of anyone dining in Akureyri. This a special problem regarding salads of various kinds and fruits are more often than not getting to old age.

Be that as it may, here are three restaurants in Akureyri we at team Total Iceland have never been disappointed with and the vast majority of online reviewers agree.

RUB 23

For seafood enthusiasts this is THE place to try while here. Owned partly by one of Iceland´s foremost chefs and the specialty is seafood of any kind, even quite the decent sushi. No gold awards for outside appearances but once inside you feel at home. Homepage.


A rather new kid on the restaurant block is this place which name translates as Noah´s Ark. The big name does not quite gel with the small place but while the food is good we´ll let it be. Menu is pretty basic with all kinds of everything thrown in but everything made with gusto. Homepage.


This is a classic. Classic in the sense the location is unbeatable but no less because this place is turning 40 years old and is still pretty relevant in the Akureyri cuisine. Excellent lunch stop and for more sophisticated courses their a la carte is quite varied and excellent. Homepage.

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