Just as you cannot truly know a person unless you walk in his shoes you cannot know Iceland unless you stay here a while. A long while.

Few are more superficial than people taking in the Reykjavik nightlife on a Friday, taking the Golden Circle trip hungover the next day, leaving for the airport with a stop at the Blue Lagoon the day after that and for the rest of their lives pretending to know Iceland.

And we will not apologize if this applies to you for it is the truth.

Trust us when we tell you that although many things can be experienced in and around the capital the true beauty of Iceland is the nature. It is not mingling with the nonstop crowds around Strokk geysir. It is not renting a superjeep and driving over a glacier. It is not sailing for a few hours hoping to catch a glimpse of a whale. And it most certainly is not stuffing your suitcase with expensive souvenirs or cheap clothes from the shopping mall. Not at all!

Now, let us take you there…