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Why a sixty dollar uncomfortable bunk bed is a great bargain in Iceland

Staying here might never fall under the cheap category but who gives a flying %&$#. PIC Robert Schmidt

Staying here might never fall under the cheap category but who gives a flying %&$# when this is the site. PIC Robert Schmidt

Depending on how well you know average prices for wasting a night away in a bunk bed in hostels around the world you may be horrified to know in some hostels in Iceland you pay up to 60$ for the privilege.

It does sound awfully lot for what is sometimes just the thinnest mattress on a cold wooden floor or in some cases tight bunk beds in the smallest of rooms. Rooms you´ll have to share with total strangers. Indeed, by our account those prices are double and even triple what you would have to pay for a night in decent hostels in decent cities in Europe for example. And we haven´t even told you there are no showers.

But wait. You still have to try a night. Here´s why:

We are in this instance not talking about any old hostel in any old city. On the contrary, what we are discussing here are two places found in the highland Northeast of Iceland. One is called Laugarfell and the other Laugafell.

Now, you might know that the most famous shopping street in Reykjavik city is called Laugarvegur which translates as the road to the hot springs in Icelandic. Ergo; the two places found in the highland bearing similar names also have access to hot springs. And what is more wonderful than truly natural hot springs in truly desolated areas either under the Midnight sun or under the Northern lights? Nothing.

The first Laugafell is found about 20km. South of Eyjafjordur valley in which the town of Akureyri lies. In this place you´ll find no less than three cabins surrounding the hot spring (pictured above) and staying here is very possible for a price and by planning far ahead. Demand is high year-round but you´ll have to make do with sleeping on hard wooden floors or bring your own tent if summertime. Getting here is not too hard in summertime but leave it to professionals if wanting to visit in wintertime. 4×4 vehicles are a must.

The second Laugarfell is located more to the East of Iceland than Northeast. Found a stone´s throw from the highest peak of East of Iceland, Laugarfell has been turned into rather a cozy highland hostel. Here the hot spring is no less tempting and wonderful and views are stunning. Here you actually get bunk beds as requested and you can even buy breakfast or dinner if need be. Getting here is also relatively easy in summertime but after darkness of winter takes hold one should not venture here without a 4×4 vehicle and preferably with local guides too.

Both places are pure and simply joy and exactly what many of you guys come to Iceland for. But one will have to book early in both cases if not traveling with a tent and supplies.

By the end of a night in those two places you´ll understand completely why 60$ a night is but a mighty bargain. Take note it is only possible to book direct.

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