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Why winter is not the time to visit Iceland

Worst case scenario on your travel in Iceland is pictured above. Seriously though the chance of getting extreme weather is high in wintertime in Iceland. Why take chances? PIC Tom Olliver

Team Total Iceland already has written and warned about travels in Iceland during wintertime. Sadly, the tourism gold diggers in the country see little but dollar signs about bringing more people here in the colder months and advertise like there is no tomorrow. Sadder still, the official tourism agency in Iceland suffers the same acute problem on account of lobbyism.


There you go… and here´s why:

  1. This green and extremely beautiful country turns hard and grey over the winter months. You will miss out on all the beauty.
  2. Hotels and tour operators have no idea about off-season and you will get no discounts from the regular high summer prices.
  3. The island is lifeless during the cold months and animal lovers or bird watchers will miss out.
  4. Most of the stunning and unique highland of Iceland is closed for all traffic.
  5. No matter what kind of tours or trips you get on in winter. At all times you will be too cold to enjoy them.
  6. The city streets of Reykjavik empty out during winter and instead of bustling life there´s hardly life anywhere.
  7. Travelling on your own in winter is dangerous and the roads are bad at the best of times.
  8. Many hotels and guesthouses out in the country close their doors completely in wintertime.
  9. Services outside of Reykjavik are limited to the extreme.
  10. There is 50/50 chance every day you will be stuck in your hotel on grounds of bad weather, snow or storms.

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3 thoughts on “Why winter is not the time to visit Iceland

  1. My wife and I visited in November of 2013. It might have been a calm week, but we feel in love with it. Yes it was cold and somewhat windy, it even snowed on us while we were in the springs, but we fell in love with Iceland. We are returning June ’16 to see this wonderful country in the summer. I would not hesitate to go back in November. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the hike on the glacier was amazing.

    • Hi Robbie

      Yeah, it is very true this place is wonderful at most times of the year. True also the weather can play nice in November on occasion. But more often than not weather puts a dent into plans and for rather expensive trips that´s downright awful. But of course this also differs between folks

  2. My daughter and I came in February. We had a grand time. We’re from Florida, so this was quite the adventure. We were well warned that if we took any tour to see the Northern Lights it might not happen. But we were offered a repeat trip if we did not. Our only problem is we stayed in historic district of the capital. The bus from the Blue Lagoon said the streets were to small to take us there. So they just dropped us off at a bus stop at 5pm…and said someone would be by to pick us up. That was very, dark and cold and windy and certainly not promising. I saw a building with the lights on in the distance and with my daughter we made our way there. Good thing…it was the bus terminal and they were getting ready to close. I don’t know what would have happened if we stayed where they left us. The staff was quite surprised we were dropped off like that. They got us a little bus. The driver as very kind and gave us a tour of the the high points of Reyjkavik. While it could have been a disaster…it turned into a story to tell. We quite enjoyed out visit and have been back.

    My husband wants to scuba dive the cleft in the Tetonic plates. What is your thoughts about that excursion?

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