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If three´s a crowd then this is simply ridiculous. Jam packed Blue Lagoon. PIC Rene Passet

If three´s a crowd then this is simply ridiculous. Jam packed Blue Lagoon. PIC Rene Passet

W e wouldn´t be much of a travel guide if we didn´t include some practical stuff once in awhile. Here are a couple of those which will definitely make your trip to this place a weeny bit easier.

The first has to do with the popular Blue Lagoon. We wrote about it before and so did others but it seems the message did not get through as planned. Blame that on the director and part-owner of the lagoon who also used to double doubles as the chief of the Tourism Association.

You have to book a visit to the Blue lagoon beforehand nowadays

Some months back the lagoon directors decided it was time to limit the number of guests in the lagoon at any one time. Perhaps Herr director read some of our articles speaking about high prices for jam-packed lagoon as has been the case for a while in high season. In any case, many show up on their own expecting to buy a ticket and voilà. That will not work. You will have to buy a ticket online beforehand or at least book a space one day before. This you do on the Blue Lagoon website or through tour operators. Else you won´t get in. More here.

The second advice has to do with the local buses in Reykjavik and also those going from Reykjavik elsewhere in the country. If run by the Strætó company, as most are, you can now buy a ticket with your smartphone through an app if you so choose. Quite handy if you hate coins or if you lost your wallet or some other disaster struck on the way to the bus stop. All about this here.

Lastly, we would like to point to our hotel booking site below. Unlike more famous such booking sites this one has been voted the best hotel booking site at the World Travel Awards for eight straight years. Reason for that? It finds accommodation cheaper than most others. This matters in one of the most expensive countries in the world 🙂