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Contrary to belief

Contrary to belief the Northern Lights are not always green and not always flickering horizontally. They come in some amazingly different forms. PIC greenzowie

Unless non-stop chilliness and cold and almost non-stop darkness 24/7 is your idea of a great day there is not too much to recommend the Icelandic winter. Except for one majestic thing perhaps.

You got it. Along with the great darkness descending upon the small island of Iceland comes the chance to see solar particles jumping like  NBA players on steroids in the skies above. Well, sometimes you do.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]We also use dead time to show you other nearby stuff instead of just sitting around[/blockquote]

The sight is indeed fantastic and a number of people visit Iceland only to get a glimpse of this famous dance of the particles. We understand completely. This is, after all, one of world´s greatest shows and some folks also believe the sight bring good fortune too.

Since team Total Iceland is all about good fortune and marvelous things we offer specialty Northern Light tours from Reykjavik city in wintertime. You may shrug and care less. After all, there are dozens of parties offering such trips. Ah, but there is clear difference in what is being offered.

You could buy a ticket with the large tour companies and travel around hunting for the Northern lights for hours on end in a regular bus. Or you could come along with us for much the same price in a private large vehicle. Another difference is the time. Regular tours last anywhere from four hours to sex hours and chances of seeing anything is 50/50 at best. We don´t even start our vehicles unless the forecasts show 60 -70% chance and we do it in three to four hours max depending on the show on offer. We also use dead time to show you other nearby stuff instead of just sitting around if conditions are not excellent.

Why so quickly? Because we move faster than large buses and we don´t stick around needlessly for hours on end like some tour agencies do. There is no need since we only leave when chances are in our favor.

Interested yet? We thought so 🙂

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  • 3 pax minimum / 4 pax maximum
  • Different routes depending on forecast each night
  • No go unless 60% chance at least
  • Ample room for photography equipment
  • Departure 21:00 from Reykjavik
  • Pickup from hotel included
  • Duration approx. 3 to 4 hours
  • Price pr. person 14.900 ISK / 118$ / 104€
  • No payment before tour starts
  • If cancelled you will be notified in good time
  • No refunds and no promises
  • Get in touch to book your spot totaliceland (@)