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W hat happens if you go off-roading in forbidden places in Iceland? Well, that depends on if you get caught or not naturally.

Law enforcement officials in Iceland have stepped up their game recently. Off-road driving in Iceland is more or less forbidden everywhere but for the simple reason that vegetation here is scarce and tracks left here in nature will likely stay there for eternity. Not a smart vision for the future.

That was not what a few Americans thought when they chances upon the black sands of South Iceland recently. Driving a rental jeep did not discourage those idiots from recklessly driving to and fro recently and having lots of fun too.

Sadly for those guys the driving was caught on tape and released to police which promptly fined the driver well over two thousand dollars. That was not the end of it at all. They also had to fork out nearly two thousand dollars for damages to the vehicle when returning the car to the rental agency.

That´s pretty expensive for a few circles in the sand we think. But what do we know. But team Total Iceland is recommending those guys for some stupidity award.