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Dear reader

The Total Iceland team welcomes you and thanks you for choosing us for information about Iceland. We appreciate you taking the time and in return we promise to make your experience of Iceland better and more fulfilling than everyone else.

You may ask how we can make such a promise and we will answer that unlike 99 percent of websites offering information about the country, the people, things to see and stuff to do we have no hidden interests. We are not trying to sell you anything. We do not blatantly lie about places being fabulous and fantastic when they are anything but. As our motto says: it´s not all cherry pie.

At the same time we understand that all the different people visiting this beautiful country have different wishes and wants and we aim to present fair and frank information about everything any traveller would ever want and need to know about Iceland.

The Total Iceland team welcomes questions and comments from everyone so send us a message via email, tweet us or find us on facebook. Don’t be shy, share it!