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Fresh lamb and wonderful organic vegetables to boot in Iceland. Or is it? PIC JamieQ

Fresh lamb and wonderful organic vegetables to boot in Iceland. Or is it? PIC JamieQ

Ohhh. Local Icelandic meat and organic vegetables on the table and you are dying from hunger after a long day sightseeing.

You finish your meal, take a sip of ridiculously expensive but average red wine to celebrate a good day. Afterwards you feel good in your soul; you saw great natural sites and enjoyed great organic meals. The fellow travelers are a great bunch. Not an ounce of shadow over this day. Hell, even your usually boring husband/nagging wife is starting to look sexy again…

Except perhaps, for one thing. The “organic” stuff you thought you were enjoying here in Iceland is very possibly not organic at all.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]The labels sustainable and organic hardly to be trusted in Iceland[/blockquote]

Turns out, due to lack of funding there is no one vetting or verifying local stuff labelled sustainable or organic is indeed sustainable or organic. In fact, there has never been any verifying at all. Ever. One could very well make plastics and slap an organic label on without a care in the world.

Since folks the world over are ready and willing to fork over extra for “sustainable” or “organic” it does not take a mathematician to calculate the odds of producers tempted to add tremendous value to their business by simply adding a cheap sticker to the process.

Then again, hardly a surprise in a country where the health minister thinks nothing of allowing banned substances in foods “just because.” Have a nice meal folks.

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