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A genuine Austfjarðaþoka fog in action. PIC Robbie

A genuine Austfjarðaþoka fog in action. PIC Robbie

T hink the word„Eyjafjallajökull“ is as hard as they come in Iceland? Then we invite you to say „Austfjarðaþoka“ out loud.

Well, in truth the second word should not be too hard. There are two letters there you might not be familiar with but they make perfect sense when you think about it. The letter „ð“ comes pretty damn close to sounding exactly like „the“ in English. Trouble is, the second letter „þ“ also sounds damn close to „the“ in English. Fascinating no?

It is not too hard as we stated earlier and we meant it. You can pronounce both letters exactly right by deleting the „e“ in „the“ and you´re pretty spot on. The very basic difference between those two letters is that „þ“ is often used at the beginning of a sentence and „ð“ never ever. There are vast more differences between those two but for such in-depth analysis you´d better be mightily interested in this old viking language.

But back to the Austfjarðaþoka. It is a name you only hear when you meet people from the East of Iceland for it is the name for a particularly deep fog that only seems to crop up especially in that area of Iceland. If driving on a desolate road it can either be very scary or massively exciting depending on the person. One thing it will do is to slow down your journey if going by car since, as can be seen above, driving fast in these conditions is a recipe for a disaster.

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