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A happy moment in Iceland. Or is it?

A happy moment in Iceland. Or is it?

L et us make some common sense calculations together. Suppose we have a large group of people eating anti-depressants like candy. Then add another large group doing cannabis drugs like there is no tomorrow. Can we agree that the group in question should overall feel amazingly happy and content?

Now, let us enter another thing into the equation. Foreign media blows quite a bit about the fact the people of Iceland are by most all surveys for the last twenty years or so the happiest folks on earth. What is their secret and what makes Icelanders so removed from depressed and suicidal Finns for instance?

Team Total Iceland would not dream of belittling scientist and pretending to know much about the stuff of life. But we do know how to connect the dots and we are sure world-record use of anti-depressant medicine and world-record use of cannabis drugs have a lot to do with Icelanders pretending to be so happy.

According to the newest drug survey from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and OECD it turns out tiny little hard-to-get-to Iceland tops the list for the most cannabis use per head of all the world. By far. It also tops the world list for anti-depressants per capita.

Which by itself begs belief for this is the easiest country in the world to police. And make no mistake, the use of cannabis is strictly forbidden and has been forever.

Which is why you might want to shake your head a little bit before buying into the happiness survey stuff. The people of Iceland are probably, like the land itself, just tranquil and lovely on the outside while bursting at the seams from inside. We absolutely know how to put on a show.

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