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Exactly what one needs while traveling the highland of Iceland. Traffic jam of buses. PIC Hello, I am Bruce

Exactly what one needs while traveling the highland of Iceland. Traffic jam of buses. PIC Hello, I am Bruce

By now you should be aware of the fact that many of the hottest natural spots in Iceland are becoming horribly crowded and rundown. 

This presents a problem if you hate crowds and even if you love crowds they do present problems for beautiful nature is never fully appreciated with constant noise from around. Then again, if nature means as little to you as that you should just head over to Fort Lauderdale or Benidorm. However, there are still ways to beat the crowds so to speak.

It is certainly difficult in places like Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir, Blue lagoon and downtown Reykjavik and next to completely impossible over high season from June to August. The coaches from every conceivable company run to and fro almost 24/7.

Naturally, you will be better off in wintertime but then again during winter Iceland is hibernating and you will not get red hot and excited for every little dot in the landscape like you will when everything comes to life. Even in winter nowadays you will find good-sized Wal-Mart-sale-crowds around many places.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]But remember the midnight sun[/blockquote]

You could skip those places altogether but that would be a sin since those are an attraction for a damn good reason.

Rather you should take off very, very early, like 06:00 for the Golden Circle and thus beating the first buses by an hour or so. Also a good option in summertime is to start driving very late. The Blue lagoon starts to empty at about 17:00 in summer although one can never rule out huge groups suddenly arriving.

Same goes for the Golden Circle. While tour buses never stop there are usually fewer trips late in the day and in the evening just a handful. If you happen upon groups in coaches, just wait. Those groups only spend 30-40 minutes at one spot and after that its a home-run.

Yet another option, albeit a weird one, is to turn the day on its head. Sleep and chill during the day but late afternoon or early evening you start to go around. This sound odd? Indeed, but you might be forgetting there is no night here in June and part of July. Not only will you have most places to yourself and actually hear and feel the nature around those places too, you´ll also have the roads to yourself. That way you´ll experience nature as you should and do it in record time too. And let´s face it; most tourists to this place are disappointed to leave knowing about all the tremendous unique spots around here they did not have time for.

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