Playing golf at Nesklubbur golf club is far from being easy. Bad drivers have to deal with angry birds. PIC Nesklubburinn

In some exotic places in the world you can stumble upon wild animals like alligators or elephants while playing golf. On a certain golfcourse in Iceland you can also come under attack from a wild animal. But only if you slice or draw too heavily.

There are those who proclaim that there is no better golf teacher in the world than the groups of the arctic tern seabird that makes the golf course at Seltjarnarnes next to Reykjavik its home during summertime.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]these birds are agressive as hell[/blockquote]

The birds arrive in the spring to lay their eggs and many make Seltjarnares golf course its preferred place to grow a family. However, they are smart enough only to make nests in the rough around the course and not on the course.

But since these birds are agressive as hell while breeding and raising chicks anyone not hitting his drive pretty perfect will have to face vicious aerial attacks as soon as the first step is taken into the rough.

For non golfers this is excellent theatre in late summer and it so happens that around the Seltjarnarnes golf course, Nesklubburinn, there is a nice walking and biking path. Take your seat and laugh whilst lesser skilled golfers make the mistake of bothering the birds.

Seltjarnarnes is basically the western tip of Reykjavik city although independently administered. Nesklubburinn golf club is found at the very tip with good panoramic views over Reykjavik and neighboring towns (see map).

As for playing golf here contact the Nesklubbur golf club and request a tee time. The course is only 9 hole but not too demanding at all apart from the angry birds.

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