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Northern Lights dances are hard to capture on film unless you know some basic tips

O ne of the most magnificent things to see with your own eyes in nature is undoubtedly the dance of the Northern lights in Iceland. Even better to capture their magnetic dances on film.

While it is not altogether easy to spot Northern Lights it is much harder to snap a good photo to show to friends back home. Even the finest digital cameras of today will mess things up unless you make some basic adjustments and prepare for the majestic dance beforehand.

find a remote place anywhere away from any light source

For truly great shots these are the requirements (apart from dressing very warmly since waiting for the dance will require staying outdoors in the cold for considerable time.

  1. As for cameras almost any Digital single-lens reflex camera will do the trick. The major thing is to be able to open the shutter for longer periods as most such cameras offer.
  2. Sturdy tripod is essential as stillness is needed for long exposures.
  3. A lens is not a requirement but will make you pics all the more interesting. A lens with super wide aperture is the shit and the wider angle the better the picture. It improves your shot immensely.
  4. For a truly professional shot shoot in the RAW format.
  5. Long exposure Noise Reduction should be turned on.
  6. The filter should be removed from your lens since these can impact the photo.
  7. Set up beforehand and pre-focus your lens on infinity.
  8. Bring extra batteries and flash cards just in case.

The Northern Lights are both difficult and easy to see in Iceland but this is only during wintertime. The best places vary a lot but find a remote place anywhere away from any light source and then wait. In case of no patience haul your ass over here in December or January and hope for a clear cold night.

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