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The town of Blonduos has little to offer except nice cup of coffee whilst you stop on your way to someplace else. PIC ang21

T his place is mostly a waste of your time in Iceland. Even hardcore country-loving Icelanders hardly stop here except when they get pulled over by the local cops for speeding which is a favorite pastime of the officials here. Understandably since not much else happens.

The town does not even have a nice setting as most Icelandic localities do. True, the river Blanda runs partly through it, but the river is much more stunning almost anywhere but here. It is a good place for fishing though if that is your thing but be sure to buy a licence before trying out your swing. Fishing licences in Blanda can be bought in town.

Any kind of entertainment is close to nonexistent. You did have here three museums but all well below average. The Atlantic Salmon Museum opened in summer 2012 and died a quiet death a few years later. Probably because the lives and loves of the salmon do not make for a thrilling show. Especially not when the board is partly made up of avid salmon fisherman from the area. Killing life tends not to promote much interest overall.

Next up was the Sea Ice Exhibition Centre which did have a ring to it. Housed in a lovely old wooden house and the show itself was tastefully done. The biggest attraction for locals was a rather stuffed polar bear but the museum did not inspire anyone over 12 except people with interest in sea ice and according to official data those number about 18 worldwide. Used to be located at Blondubyggd 2 but died a few years ago as we predicted long before.

The third museum is perhaps of most interest to foreigners and then mostly women. The Textile Museum houses a fine collection of wool and textile items made locally and a small gift shop. Prices are comparable to prices in the capital Reykjavik but this stuff is really made by the people here and not in China. We do actually highly recommend a visit as this is an opening to old-style production in the country. Open 10 – 17 daily all summer. Located at Arbraut road. Admission is 900 ISK kronas (7$ /6€)

On the bright side they do offer decent camping area, Gladheimar, if a bit too close to the Ring Road Highway due to noise. Adjacent to the camping area one can rent a small cottage close to the river.

Should camping out in Blonduos not be on your list of things to do before dying then you could try the local hostel. Located at Blondubyggd 9, Blondubol hostel, is not a hostel in the strictest sense but three small cabins by the river. Friendly host offers coffee and spirits should the urge come over you.

Another option is the Kiljan Guesthouse in Adalgata street. Nice homey atmosphere and a small restaurant to boot. A bigger flat can be rented temporarily in Thorsteinshus, House of Thorsten, in the same street.

Only one hotel is here. Hotel Blonduos is found, surprise surprise, in Adalgata street.  Nothing to write home about but a little above the aforementioned options.

Við Arbakkann, By the River, in Hunabraut road is a fine but small coffeehouse and for dining option other than gas station food head to restaurant Potturinn in Nordurlandsvegi. Don´t expect Michelin starred food.

The town has a decent small swimming pool and hot tubs to boot. Nice walking rououtes along the river Blanda and also by the sea. The 900 or so inhabitants need two churches. The later one is a fine piece of architecture and very visable.

Twenty minutes away from Blonduos town, on the way to the town of Skagastrond, is a 9-hole golf course.

And that´s all she wrote.

» Nearby you´ll find slightly interesting places such as Svinavatn lake, Hunafjordur coast, Blanda river dam. Missing those is not big loss in any language but if you stay you should check them out.

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