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Y ou would be forgiven for thinking East Iceland has nothing to offer in the hot springs department of things. After all, this is the oldest part of Iceland and as such boiling lava underneath, which does heat up those lovely natural hot springs all over this place, does not really make things happen much around here.

But thanks to the mysterious ways of mother nature, there are always exception to the rules and one such example is newly opened Vök Baths at Urridavatn lake about five minutes drive away from the town of Egilsstadir in the east of the country.

Now, this place, even if pretty lovely, is owned and run by the same folks owning the famous Blue lagoon and they have some serious money to spend. Which is a huge negative as the proceeds from this place only fill the pockets of already filthy 0,1% of rich folks in Reykjavik. Which might explain why the absolute most basic entrance ticket will set you back 48€ / 50$. Buy a small beer or some ice-cream for the kids and you are out 8€ / 8$ more.


this place is nice. By that we mean REALLY, REALLY NICE.

First of all the architecture is pretty awesome. Hidden underground kinda-thing and were it not for 100 – 150 cars parked in a rather secluded spot, and naturally all the signs and flags, you would hardly notice the whole thing while driving by.

So, what the hell is this place?

It is, pretty much, one of only a handful of spots in all East Iceland where hot water rises up from below to warm your fat bottom. And everything else too 🙂

Warmth from underground is not the only thing on the menu here. Not only can you easily dive into the supercold Urridavatn lake but there are also pools of cold water here to rain down on and totally kill your Mallorca or Florida vibe from the hot tubs.

Oh, but there is more.

A nice restaurant onsite and naturally a decent bar alongside. You can thus soak your soggy bottom in a natural hot spring, dry off and then enjoy a fairly decent meal and some drinks to make you feel you´ve been to paradise and back.

All this in a relatively remote spot pretty high up on this beautiful island of ours. That being said, a dip here will cost you your whole inheritance from your dad.

Yup, not particularly cheap at all is it? Is all this money worth it?

Yes and no. It is worth it if you have never dipped your body into water heated by natural sources. Then again, if you are on a budget, skip this joint and take a basic shower. Sure, it´s not exactly the same but the warm feeling is, and  you will not fill the pockets of disgustingly rich folks back in Reykjavik.

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