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Amazing price difference between the car rental agencies at Keflavik airport in Iceland. PIC CGP Grey

Amazing price difference between the car rental agencies at Keflavik airport in Iceland. PIC CGP Grey

Turns out there is vast price difference between those car rental agencies operating out of Keflavik international airport in Iceland. In the first of a number of price checks team Total Iceland will make we discovered it makes one hell of a financial difference which one you choose.

One of the major complains visitors to Iceland express is the fact this is, in spite of everything, still a very expensive country to visit. So much so that quite a number actually is left dumbfounded. After all, it is only five years since this nation was tethering on financial abyss. Get used to it. This is a very expensive place.

In this first price comparison of many we compared prices for three types of vehicles rented for 24 hours between June 4th and June 5th from Keflavik airport, sometimes misleadingly called Reykjavik airport.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Geysir car rental and Budget car rental are offering by far the lowest prices for car rental from the airport[/blockquote]

Keep in mind far from all car rental agencies are represented at the airport. In fact, with one exception, these are pretty much only the larger ones. Agencies like Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Avis. The only exception being Geysir car rental but even this agency is not inside the airport terminal like all the others but located in adjacent building. For good practices we also included in the comparison Sixt car rental for good measure.

Below you will see the amazing price difference but keep firmly in mind this is a simple look at prices difference and not quality difference. We are not necessarily comparing the same exact vehicle prices but only vehicles from the same price group. Also in some cases the dates in question fall into winter category meaning prices are on average lower. All prices in euros and no extra stuff is included. This is simply one driver, one car for 24 hours with the most basic insurance.

Price check done @09.00 on the 1st of March 2014. All prices in euros