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A symbol of the East of Iceland. The Snaefell glacier mountain is the easternmost part of Vatnajokull glacier which is the largest one in Europe. A singularly beautiful mountain and popular for hikes in summertime. PIC Bodvar Eggertsson

V isitors to Iceland can be forgiven if they believe the most majestic things to see here are all conveniently very close to the capital Reykjavik. And surely there is a lot to see in the vicinity. The Blue lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss not to mention the famous geysers.

Those sights are indeed worth seeing for any lover of fine arts for the Icelandic nature is nothing but fine arts when we get down to it. But would you be surprised to hear that visitors starting their journey in the East and heading west do not think so highly of the fancy and famous places around the capital.

The reason being that there is so much more to Iceland than meets the lazy travelers eye. But should you take time out for other parts of the country you will be richly rewarded by landscapes like these ones below.

So stop the nonsense. Travel Iceland and not just Reykjavik and surroundings. And no. We will not tell you where these are taken. All we will tell you is these are all taken in the East of Iceland.

Contrary to what many will tell you the funny and beautiful puffin birds are found all over Iceland. PIC The.Rohit

One of Iceland´s most famous bands, Sigurros, plays in front of an old church on a foggy evening. PIC Tom Olliver

Still don´t believe in elves and trolls? Try hiking in these parts for a while and you just might change your mind. PIC shchukin

One of very few remarkably well preserved old-school housing is Burstafell in Vopnafjordur. PIC Mirra

Encompassing breathtaking landscape (and not for the faint-hearted) are Þvottaskriður or Thvottaskridur in English. This is few kilometres of roads in steep cliffs nestled on the Eastern coast. Back in the day this was hair-raising for everybody but nowadays the road is both broad, good and guardrails protect against taking a nasty jump into the sea. PIC jaisril