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The village and the viciously steep Holmatindur mountain directly across. A tiny bit off the Ring Road this place is rarely visited by foreigners. PIC Tracery2010

I n the East of Iceland there are two places especially where tourists are pretty much still considered a novelty. Eskifjordur village, named after the very same fjord, is one of those two places.

Why this is the case has probably more to do with the distance from the Ring Road than the fact that this small village does not too much to offer in terms of fascinating things. Yet Eskifjordur is not very far from the Ring Road and a quick peek is worth it even of longer stays will probably make you yawn.

Like most inhabited places in this country the villagers here mostly make their living off fish and not much else. Sadly, even the fish has been avoiding this place and gone are the summer days when the streets and the pier teemed with life all day long.

For the curious visitor the landscape will surely impact as it does all over this beautiful country. Impressive over summertime are the peaks around but in winter these same peaks and steep hills make quite decent location for avalanches. Most impressive is Holmatindur mountain straight across from the village. Towering almost thousand meters high its presence is always felt around here. Hiking the Holmatind is hard but possible.

Only one small museum is here. Should you be interested in the fisheries now and then head straight to Sjominjasafn Austurlands or the Maritime Musem. A small but very fine museum about fisheries from this place and how this industry has evolved. Located in a beautiful old building dated from 1819 at the east of the village. The museum is open only in summertime between 13 and 17.

Other stuff of possible interest here would include an old silver-mine located at Helgustodum between Eskifjordur and Reydarfjordur. Not really much to see although this was supposedly one of the largest such mines in the world for centuries.

It goes without saying that here is also a small 9-hole golf course and naturally a nice swimming pool and hot tubs at the local sports complex. Here also is a fine but small ski area should you find yourself here over wintertime. Lifts are open pretty much every time there is snow and the weather is nice. Also in Eskifjordur is a nice campsite overlooking the fjord.

We feel we must implore everyone coming this far to keep on going to Nordfjordur over the Oddskard road tunnel. The road goes quite high up and gives tremendous views over the fjords around. Just be careful.

» Eskifjordur is but twenty minutes away from the aluminum village of Reydarfjordur and apart from the aluminum smelter factory the area is very pleasant if not altogether healthy.

» Neighboring village of Reydarfjordur lies by the Ring Road. From there 20 minute drive on road 92[/reveal

» A rather sad place to visit and only recommended for a quickie.

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