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Taking a walk or go all the way? That is the question. PIC Michael Jessen

Taking a walk or go all the way? That is the question. PIC Michael Jessen

Depending on your business and the research you have done before stepping from the airplane in Keflavik airport in Iceland you might head straight for the taxis outside or you may decide to save some dough and let the bus suffice. But should you pay extra for a ride straight to your hotel?

You see, there are two competing bus companies vying for your cash in Keflavik airport. Both offer a drive into Reykjavik bus terminal but both also offer, for extra cash, a drive all the way to your hotel. The extra price per head one way for going all the way is 550 ISK (4€/5$).

Now, this is not a direct drive. You still end up in Reykjavik bus terminal before you change from bus to a shuttle and are driven the whole way. The question then is: is it worth it?

The Reykjavik bus terminal is indeed not far from downtown Reykjavik where most hotels are located. A walk is certainly possible but with luggage, backpacks and perhaps a bit tired after a long flight a walk might not be the best of options. It will take 15 – 20 minutes at the very least to walk all the way.

How about taking a taxi from the bus terminal? Certainly possible but is it cheaper than buying the whole way from the bus company?

Turns out a typical daytime taxi fare from the bus terminal to nearby hotels will set you back anywhere from 900 – 1300 ISK. Which means pretty much the same price as taking the bus shuttle all the way. Unless there are more than two people traveling together a taxi from the terminal will hardly be a bargain. Might be a tiny bit faster but not cheaper.

What about regular Reykjavik buses? Sure, those stop right by the terminal but none goes straight downtown. You will get to the center in five to ten minutes but will still have to walk a bit to reach your hotel from there. The fare is also not very cheap at 380 ISK.

The conclusion then is that for the vast majority of peoples the bus shuttle from the terminal is a good buy at 550 ISK. This way you´ll be sampling Reykjavik city in roughly one hour from landing at Keflavik instead of taking an hour and half to two hours just finding your hotel and settling in. When time is limited, as for most of us tourists, that is money well spent.

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