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Gulfoss waterfall in its summer dress. Pic O Palsson

Gulfoss waterfall in its summer dress. Pic O Palsson

W e know many of you visiting Iceland only give yourself a few days here at best and then a number of you do not venture very far from Reykjavik city. Problem is, this place is chock-full of amazing spots and anyone just spending a long weekend or even a week will leave wanting for more. Much more.

Which is why we have made you this map for those of you with limited time to lessen your loss. Trust us on this, you will feel the loss. Promise to return but know in your heart that might not come true. After all, there are so many places on this earth worth seeing and life has limits.

The map below covers no less than fifteen well known beautiful places and countless other naturally beautiful sights en route. In a rental car, small or medium size quite enough, in summertime you can take all these in in just fourteen to fifteen hours or so. Which makes it a fantastic day trip. But we recommend it only if haste is of the essence. It would be nicer for you to take your time but sometimes that´s not an option.

After all, there are so many places on this earth worth seeing and life has limits.

In effect it is a circle which you can do both ways. You will have to do an early start and either by diving into the Blue lagoon or start by driving around scenic Hvalfjord. On the way you take in our jewels of Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir but you´ll also be impressed by holy sites Skalholt and Reykholt, gaze in awe over the largest hot spring in the world and experience the might of volcanes by stepping into an old crater. You´ll see Iceland´s most famous cave and you´ll see a waterfall coming from underneath old lava and you can take a selfie on a pitch black beach. And all that is just the famous stuff. On way, you see lava formations to rival anything J.R.R. Tolkien imagined. get a view over Thingvellir few foreigners experience, get a close-up of a beautiful glacier and countless other things you may think interesting. All in day´s work.

* Note we understandably do not give too much time for each place but remember in summertime here there is no night. Thus if you have the energy you can stretch the plan to sixteen to eighteen hours to better take in some of the places. But to finish in 14 or 15 you´ll need to do a quickie and there is not a lot of time for food either. Keep in mind the roads you will be driving vary a lot. From paved roads around the villages and towns to less than superb gravel tracks on the route between Borgarfjordur en Thingvellir. Do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can assist with.

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