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The very majestic Kirkjufell mountain is a symbol of the small town of Grundarfjordur in Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland. Sadly that is all she wrote regarding beautiful things in the town. PIC pragnyan

S hould your ventures in Iceland take you to the Snaefellsnes peninsula odds are you will come across the small fishing town of Grundarfjordur sooner than later.

Approaching the town makes for a dramatic scene since the town boasts one of the most majestic symbols of any town in Iceland; the steep mountain of Kirkjufell.

Sadly, this beautiful first impression does not last once in the town itself. A very typical small town where the majority of roughly one thousand townspeople work in the fisheries industry although tourism is slowly gaining ground on account of whale and dolphin watching tours from here.

Seeing whales and dolphins is always worth it wherever you are but what to do afterwards becomes a problem here. Sure, you can hike all over the place and even make for Kirkjufell mountain across the small bay but that´s pretty much it.

In honesty there is a nine-hole golf course close to town and horseriding is available too. The town also boasts three small restaurants but don´t expect any Michelin stars.

Staying here can be problematic since there is but one hotel. Hotel Framnes by the harbor is a nice but small hotel but often booked to the hilt but the service is good and the views enjoyable. Also by the harbor is a small and comfortable but a bit expensive hostel, Grundarfjordur Hostel and Apartments, where even off-season rates are around 100$ / 75€. Accomodation is also found nearby town on the farm Sudur-Bar where golf, fishing and sightseeing is available. Lastly there are also beds available at the Old Post Office.

For happy campers there is a camping area in Grundarfjordur by the local swimming pool.

As for whale watching tours these are offered daily and more often during summertime. These trips also make a stop outside Melrakkaey island which is a bird sanctuary. These tours often take around three hours.

Amazingly for such a small town there is a tourist information office here. This is found by the harbor at Eyrbryggja road.

» Grundarfjordur is one of two places in Iceland where French fishermen used to visit frequently during former times. A monument dedicated to those is found at Grundarkampur.

» Around 25 to 25 minutes away from the nearest towns of Olafsvik and Stykkisholmur. From Reykjavik head north by Ring Road until you turn left to Road 54 just after leaving Borgarnes town. After 30 minutes or so you come to Road 56 to your right. Follow this over the mountain ridge and enjoy the nice views until you turn left again on Road 54. You can also take the long around the whole of the peninsula by road 54 which goes through the town.

» As often is the case in Iceland the landscape around Grundarfjordur is very beautiful and worth exploring. The town itself is nothing to write home about though.

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