Camping and caravansite Systragil in the North of Iceland is rather typical of the quite wonderful places to enjoy in between trips. PIC Systragil

Camping and caravansite Systragil in the North of Iceland is rather typical of the quite wonderful places to enjoy in between trips. PIC Systragil

As team Total Iceland has made clear in numerous articles visiting Iceland is, contrary to belief, much more expensive nowadays than it was a few years back when the place was mostly off limits due to high costs. A large chunk of that high cost is car rental and/or accommodation. But there is one option that might save you considerable funds and even make your journey more lovely.

Although a few dozen new hotels are being built in this country the fact is that due to much higher demand than supply the average cost of a night´s stay in a decent hotel anywhere in Iceland is anywhere from 270$ to 360$. Even a simple thing like pitching a tent in a popular spot here in summertime will easily empty your wallet of about 50$ per night. That´s expensive in any language.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]one good way to lower your bills[/blockquote]

Let us play with those figures for a moment. Suppose you and your family dream of enjoying two weeks here. Simply drive around and take in anything anywhere at a leisurely pace and hit the sack in hotels along the way. In high season, over Christmas and in the summer months, such a plan will put you back well over three thousand dollars for the hotels only. This is just average hotels and you still have to pay extra for a rental car, food and other various stuff. It quickly adds up to towering numbers.

While not a perfect way to save on your Iceland trip, one good way to lower your bills but arguably make your journey here more enjoyable is by renting a caravan, or travel trailer as the Americans want to call it. This holds especially if there is a family of four traveling together as most caravans easily accommodate four people.

Team Total Iceland offers caravans for rent over summertime and this way offers you a way to travel for under two thousand dollars for two weeks. Naturally, car rental is not included and you´ll need a sturdy SUV. Nevertheless, a caravan gives you an opportunity to park in lots of places around the island and either relax or keep the camper in place while you venture off-road for a few hours for instance. Infinitely more enjoyable than a motor-home or an RV since a number of roads here are simply impassable for such vehicles.

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