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The famous hot dog place doesn´t look like much does it? PIC stephenweir

The famous hot dog place doesn´t look like much… PIC stephenweir

I f we had a nickel for every time we have been asked about „that famous hot dog stand in Reykjavik“ we would be able to take in some fancy spa treatments for months on end in some fancy five star Thai hotel in Phuket.

Why this place, Baejarins Bestu hot dog stand, is making you all delirious is completely beyond us. But it should give the more sophisticated of you out there a hint about how little there is to do, see and try in the capital of Iceland.

Now, don´t get us wrong. Nothing really wrong with this place. You get a decent bellyfill, if a bit on the unhealthy side. Although wiener connoisseurs will probably not give the local wiener a high grade in any competition. But that is true for all Icelandic hot dogs.

Baejarins Bestu, the name translates as the Best in Town, is fabulously located in downtown but we suspect its popularity has little to do with that. Rather, the fact that Bill Clinton, yes the one lying about showing his own wiener to Monica Lewinsky and much else too,  did stop by and stuffed his mouth with one wiener many years ago. It probably also helps that National Geographic had much praise for this joint although team Total Iceland cannot have respect for a paper that thinks the Blue lagoon is one of the wonders of the world.

Problem is, this place has ceased to be of much use to drunken locals out on the town as has been the story for years. It was, for a long time, the only place to get any food at all late at night. Which explains its popularity amongst locals for decades. This has changed for the better which is why the rows of people outside nowadays are more often than not only foreigners.

Sure, try ´em out but please do not make half-decent wieners the major reason for visiting Reykjavik Iceland.

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