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If you do not want to throw your hard-earned money away like a drunk Saudi prince you would do well to stay clear of the shop in the famous Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland.

Inside this tourist mecca you will find a specialty Blue lagoon store selling all kinds of everything from the labs of the research division of the Blue lagoon. Yes, they actually run a research center.

It is very tempting after a nice soak in the lagoon itself to grab some lunch and perhaps spend a little time in the on-site store. But a rough price comparison made by team Total Iceland shows that you can save quite a lot if you delay shopping until you return home through the Keflavik airport.

You see, most if not all products available at the Blue lagoon store are also available at the Blue lagoon store in Keflavik airport. Naturally, the airport one sells its stuff cheaper than outside the airport

Below is a comparison we made in autumn 2012 where you will see up to half-price at the airport. A recent check by us shows that prices have risen since quite considerably in both places but there is still 20-40% price difference. It all adds up and since you will most likely spend time in the airport on your way home it would almost be foolish to spend money at the spa itself.

Blue Lagoon anti-aging night cream 30 ml.

In the Blue Lagoon store: 75€ / 95$

In Keflavik airport store: 60€ / 76$

Blue Lagoon hydrating 24h serum 30 ml.

In the Blue Lagoon store: 75€ / 95$

In Keflavik airport store: 50€ / 63$

Blue Lagoon protect face care collection

In the Blue Lagoon store: 85€ / 108$

In Keflavik airport store: 48€ / 61$

* All prices correct as of August 2012.