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The old church at Borg and the town of Borgarnes in the background

The old church at Borg and the town of Borgarnes in the background

W e have said so before and good things bear repeating. Knowing a tiny bit of history makes most, if not all, places in Iceland (and the world) much more fun to explore.

For instance, one might not think too much of a small farm called Borg near the town of Borgarnes in West Iceland if knowing nothing. Sure, the place is picturesque and the small white church is nice. Your first inkling that there is more to this place than meets the eye is a nice large sculpture by local favorite Asmundur Sveinsson located in front of the church. Big sculptures by famous locals are not usually found in remote farms in the country

In fact, Borg farm is among the few places mentioned in one of the famous Sagas of Iceland. More than that, Borg is where one Egill Skallagrimsson was born, raised and lived. Egill has to be one of the weirdest persons in the history of histories. A massive psychopath by all accounts but in between horribly violent outbursts a deep-thinker and a delicate poet to boost.

And that is just Egill. Read about his family and you will soon notice a 50/50 split in the family portrait. Half the men of astounding beauty and half the men uglier than anything.

Such knowledge of Egils Saga would make a visit here so much more enticing and fruitful even if just lightly scratching the surface.

Incidentally, Egill was not buried here as many expect. According to legends his body lies somewhere in Mosfellsdal close to Reykjavik where he is also suspected of having hidden vast amounts of silver before death.

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