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Who knew Santa´s workshop is found in Iceland? PIC

Who knew Santa´s workshop is found in Iceland? PIC

Y ou know the drill. All the gifts Santa gives to good children over Christmastime are not bought from Toys´R´Us at the last minute. Not at all. Those items are built, assembled, loved and cared for for months before the big moment.

Doubtful you think? Then make your way to the Christmas Garden found in relative isolation roughly ten minute drive away from Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland, in the tiny hamlet of Hrafnagil.

what is truly outstanding here is the workshop itself

There, partly hidden by lovely trees you´ll find Santa´s workshop. Many are taken right away with the lovely building itself. Who would not love a building decorated by humongous candy on the roof. But the building is but the facade. Also found here is the official Santa mailbox into which you can post anything you´d like Santa to know. A small tower houses what is probably the largest Christmas calender in the world.

While all that is wonderful and absolutely hypnotic for the smallest of us, what is truly outstanding here is the workshop itself. Here, you will be cheerfully greeted by a man looking suspiciously like Santa himself in the flesh. This is the owner of the Christmas Garden and he will gladly take you around his workshop filled with unique Christmas items both new and old in the most wonderful setting

While possible to buy some items here this place for the most part is a labor of love which makes it doubly more real and exciting than otherwise.

Team Total Iceland highly recommends a visit and this workshop, unlike perhaps others, is open year-round from 10-21 in summertime and from 14-21 in wintertime. Naturally, a visit in snowy conditions is more impressive but a visit will be memorable no matter what time of year.

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